• Our Disney Wishlist for Christmas!

    Our Disney Wishlist for Christmas!

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Dec 20, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 24, 2023

    Our Disney Wishlist for Christmas!

    Who is better than Santa Claus to surprise us every year with amazing news and gifts? Someone that makes us forget even a tiny bit of the difficult times our world goes through, and takes us to a magical journey across space and time to a brand new land? Of course, we are talking about Jesus Chr--- I mean, about Mickey Mouse

    Only Mickey and his friends can bring a smile to our faces every time Disney announces a new ride, expansion, or even if they are just changing the restaurant menus for a limited time. Sorry, Santa, but this year we are writing our letter to Mickey Mouse and asking for special gifts. Actually, we are writting letters to you both, so we get double presents. Yeah, sounds about right.

    Disney Mickey Fantasia.jpg

    So, what could we include in our special Disney Wishlist for Christmas? Mickey has given us so much, is there anything else that we could ask him and his Disney pals? Hm, that's a tough one. Still, we can always be creative and ask for something huge and incredibly magical. We leave it to Disney to use some pixie dust and, who knows, maybe our wishes will come true.

    Without further ado, here is our small Disney Wishlist for Christmas 2023!

    A Brand New Disney World Park!

    Oh, that is a good one! The last major Disney theme park was Animal Kingdom, way back in 1998. Sure, there were expansions to theme parks since them, like Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but a new theme park? Nope. Not even a small clue that Disney could be thinking about launching a new one. Mickey is saving some money on that front.

    Disney Magic Kingdom Christmas Mickey.jpg

    Meanwhile, Universal seems to be on a roll. They are opening Epic Universe in 2025 and will probably expand to the United Kingdom next. Maybe this will make Mickey Mouse finally say that it's time to fight back against Universal by using their same strategies? That would be a good fight for all consumers and theme park enthusiasts.

    There are several park themes that could fit a brand new Disney Park, and we will talk more about that specific topic here on Famvia pretty soon. A theme park dedicated to Marvel? Our beautiful oceans? Videogames? Sports? Mayonnaise? As you can see, the options are almost endless. Well, we do know that Disney plans to invest billions and billions on theme parks starting next year, so maybe Universal making new moves will force Disney to launch a brand new park sooner than later? This would be really fun to see.

    The Disney Multiverse

    Yep, this one sounds weird at first, but hear us out: a Disney videogame-like-thingy where you can create an avatar and then check everything from Disney in a virtual world. Like a massive online multiplayer game, yeah. Or, even better, like Fortine, the game from Epic which is making billions of dollars every year and has collaborations with almost every entertainment IP in the world, from Star Wars to Dragon Ball, Lego and even Eminem. 

    Fortnite Lego game.jpg

    A Disney Multiverse could be really fun. Imagine walking around a virtual Magic Kingdom, where every guest there is an actual player that can talk to you. There could even be live presentations given by Disney inside that virtual landscape. Fortnite already does that, by the way, where big names and bands give live shows inside a virtual world, and you see it all as your avatar. Crazy, right?

    It would be cool especially to see new rides being unveiled to the public. Let's take Tiana's Bayou Adventure, for example. We barely know much about it, right? The physical space in Magic Kingdom is under construction, after all. Now, in a virtual world, Disney could guide us through what they have in mind for this brand new ride. You could walk around as your avatar and check new details, maybe even ride it virtually to get an idea if you would like it or not. Oh, and let's not forget that this would also be amazing for guests with disabilities that have a tough time visiting theme parks in person.

    A new GIANT roller coaster

    You read that right, GIANT with capital letters, in bold and everything else. C'mon, Disney, give us a major new roller coaster in Disney World! You do have some amazing indoor coasters, from the classic Space Mountain to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the latter being one of the best rides in the world. But what about mega-ultra-huge steel roller coasters? The ones you see before you even enter the park, piercing the sky and disappearing between the clouds? Okay, maybe not as extreme as that, but you know what I mean.

    There is Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, which is fun, sure, but it isn't a mega roller coaster. Same for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Hm, how about a steel giant that could challenge Islands of Adventure's VelociCoaster? Maybe a new roller coaster in Epcot, a huge machine of steel that celebrates countries from all over the world and takes you on a journey across every continent.

    Disney animal kingdom expedition everest entrance.jpg

    Another option is to just start building this new ride in Animal Kingdom. Sure, you can already find Expedition Everest there, but we all agree that Animal Kingdom deserves more love. There is also the fact that Disney is planning a major new Animal Kingdom expansion, with Indiana Jones, Zootopia and Encanto joining the party. That's the perfect opportunity to unveil and launch a brand new ride for roller coaster enthusiasts. Do it, Disney.

    More amazing Shows

    We all love Fantasmic. Yeah, this Disney spectacle happens twice a day at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and it's considered a fan favorite. It manages to bring the perfect amount of Disney magic to a 40 minute live presentation, where we watch fun setpieces, listen to good music and even watch Mickey fighting against a giant dragon. Very cool, and something very different from the traditional shows like Beauty and the Beast - Live on Stage and Voyage of the Little Mermaid. Everything in Fantasmic screams bigger, from the environments to the overall budget.

    Disney Fantasmic pretzel.jpg

    What if every Disney park had one amazing show to close out the night? Sure, there are different kind of shows like the awesome fireworks at Magic Kingdom and Epcot, but we are talking about something like Fantasmic, where you sit down and watch a story unfold before your eyes, complete with Disney characters. There are so many Disney characters and IPs that could be used for that, from Star Wars to Marvel and, of course, the charismatic Pixar characters.

    There could be one single presentation per night, only to make it more special and not overwhelm the actors. Maybe a brand new show related to Star Wars in Hollywood Studios? A Ducktales (yes!) special with lots of adventure featuring Scrooge McDuck in Epcot? There are a lot of options to explore, that's for sure. 

    You got any ideas?

    What about you, dear reader, do you also have your very own Disney Christmas Wishlist, and something you'd love to see in Walt Disney World and beyond? Maybe something like a brand new ride, or a new character appearance in the parks, or even a sequel to that movie no one knows about? It's also fine if your Christmas letter to Mickey only asks him to put Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in every Disney theme park, we would completely understand that.

    No matter what your ideas are, we sincerely hope you had an amazing year. It was also a special year for us, and thanks for following Famvia on this journey. With that said...

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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