• Our favorite Snack at Toy Story Land

    Our favorite Snack at Toy Story Land

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 28, 2023

    Last Updated: Jan 02, 2024

    Our favorite Snack at Toy Story Land

    Every time we visit Disney Hollywood Studios, it catches our attention that a particular place that is always busy and is considered extremely popular is the amazing Toy Story Land, which has won our hearts over the years.

    Why visit Toy Story Land?

    We thought visitors were mainly motivated to try the impressive and thrilling attractions that the area offers, especially Slinky Dog Dash, where guests get to experience a thrilling family coaster full of turns and twists. However, there might be another more subtle but interesting motive for the popularity of this particular area.

    The food is a main factor!

    Attention foodies out there, because in every corner of Disney World there is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by you. This time, we went two steps ahead and we are bringing it on a silver plate for your next Disney adventure. Do want to know what is it and where to find it? 

    While walking around Toy Story Land, after riding all the different attractions that the place has to offer (Toy Story Mania, Alien Swirling Saucers, and more) and of course meeting up with all your favorite characters from this world (Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, and even the Green Army Drum Corps), your tummy may be screaming “Andy is coming”, which means let’s stop for a while and let’s eat, please!

    Andy's mom to the rescue!

    Fortunately, Toy Story Land has great food and snack options for all tastes and preferences, like the Roundup Rodeo BBQ, where you can find some of the best BBQ around. But if you are looking for something sweeter for the taste buds, then Woody’s Lunch Box is the perfect place for you!



    No no, it is not that Andy lost his favorite Lunch Box, he just wanted to share with us the delicious treats that his mom made for him, and there has been one that has captured our attention the most: the delicious Hot Chocolate Lunch Box Tart has stolen our hearts!

    Our favorite sweet option is...

    For only $4.79, guests can immerse into a chocolicious experience, with this crispy yet soft tart, filled with Chocolate Fudge, topped with Hot Chocolate-Marshmallow fondant and some mini marshmallows to finish the eye-catching decoration. Just by remembering this mouthwatering snack, I get hungry again!



    There are plenty of options for everyone

    But you can find other specialties too for grown-ups and kids alike. You can find Plant-based options, Specialty beverages, alcoholic drinks (what's this doing in Andy's lunchbox!?), Kid's Meals, and more. And if the allergies are what you are afraid of the most, don’t worry, because Andy’s mom has prepared delicious options for everyone to enjoy:

    Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly
    Egg Allergy-Friendly
    Fish Allergy-Friendly
    Milk Allergy-Friendly, and more!

    So, do not miss out on this awesome opportunity in the Happiest Place on Earth, plus a great atmosphere is guaranteed by the whole Toy Story Crew.




    Contact us and let us help you as soon as possible to try out all these exquisite options, and get sprinkled with the magic of Walt Disney World. Until the next one!

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