• Should You Avoid Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Early 2025?

    Should You Avoid Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Early 2025?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 11, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 12, 2024

    Should You Avoid Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Early 2025?

    Disney World is not only well known for its incredible shows, events, festivals, and rides. The Disney Resorts Hotels are pretty popular too, and have always been the favorite spot of basically every guest.

    However, there is one resort that might be better to avoid in 2025, at least for a few days.

    Disney's Yacht Club Resort

    This incredible lakeside hotel has been one of guests' favorites for a long time. It can transport you to an elegant yet fun ambiance, thanks to its New England-style yacht club which is perfect for exploring Stomalong Bay or even enjoying fun activities at Bayside Marina. Yep, perfect for people that enjoy that aquatic lifestyle.

    Disney's Yacht and Beach Club (4).webp

    One of its main highlights is that it's extremely close to EPCOT, one of the most demanded parks at Disney World. It is also just a boat ride away from Disney’s Hollywood Studios and it shares several facilities with its dear friend Disney’s Beach Club Resort (which we love too).

    What's so cool about this place?

    There are many reasons why guests seem to prefer this classic and stylish resort hotel, a few of them are:

    • The stunning Alfresco water recreation area.
    • The family-friendly restaurant “Yachtsman Steakhouse”, the menu is incredibly mouthwatering and sophisticated. 
    • They have an exclusive health club, perfect for keeping a fit life or enjoying a well-deserved massage.
    • All the facilities are animal friendly, which is great. Your loyal friend can enjoy an amazing time too, and so many more benefits.
    Disney's Yacht and Beach Club (2).webp

    Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many benefits that this unique resort offers to guests, and by this point, you may be asking... wait, I shouldn't book there for 2025? What about this year?

    YES! It's always a good time to book for a unique experience at such a lovely resort like this one. We, however, suggest changing your dates from January 2025 to May 2025. 

    Why you shouldn't book for those days in 2025?

    The reason behind this suggestion is that “Stormalong Bay and Shipwreck Pool" at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts will be closed for routine maintenance, according to Disney, and it may create a little bit of discomfort to guests on those days. People expect that constructions will take place during January, which can be pretty annoying depending on the noise levels.

    Disney's Yacht and Beach Club (1).webp

    Wait, you sleep like a rock?

    Then you can use the Tidal, Admiral, and Dunes Cove leisure pools, which are going to be available for all guests. Now this does sounds like a good deal!

    We know our dear Disney is always keeping tabs on every required maintenance, especially in places as popular as their resorts. One of the number one priorities for the company is to ensure the safety and efficient operation of every single place available for all visitors, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

    Disney's Yacht and Beach Club (3).webp

    Contact us and let us know which days of 2024 or 2025 (or both)  you would like to travel to Disney World! We will do our best to set up your trip, from Disney World tickets all the way to the hotel you want to stay. You just relax, sit back and enjoy the ride. Until the next one, friend!

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