• The Best Sweet and Salty FOOD Options at Disney World

    The Best Sweet and Salty FOOD Options at Disney World

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 22, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

    The Best Sweet and Salty FOOD Options at Disney World

    Between sweet or salty, I choose… BOTH!

    First-time or frequent visitor?

    Visiting Disney World for the first time may feel a little bit overwhelming. With so many guests going around, a great number of incredible attractions to discover, multiple rides to enjoy, and the zillion snacks and food options spread around the parks... let's just say that this can make your experience a bit stressful sometimes. Don't worry, though, Famvia has your back!

    Disney world parks

    First-timers or even frequent Disney visitors, who do not enjoy trying every food around the park (to realize in the end that your taste buds didn’t like it that much), Famvia brings you the answer to a common question: what should I choose, something sweet or salty?

    Why not both?

    Choosing between two options has never been this easy! Just choose them both. There, I told you it was going to be easy, huh?

    We will break down the best sweet and salty choices that can be found around Disney World, helping you save up a couple of bucks on not-so-delish food/snack options. Rest assured, your taste buds will thank you too.

    First Salty Stop, Magic Kingdom!

    Disney loves to merge classic dishes with their creative twist, resulting in unique food options that will impact your mouth and tummy in the best way possible.

    disney cheeseburgers spring rolls.jpg

    That’s the case with the Magic Kingdom Spring Roll kiosk! We all know the classic Asiatic cousin in which ingredients such as meat and vegetables are fried over a bed of eggs, now imagine all of this with a cheeseburger twist, sounds interesting right?

    Well, it not only sounds interesting, but tastes delicious too. It's a great option if you want something fast but that will leave you fulfilled in the end. Just look at it below, it's so yummy and the size... well it could be bigger, but they wanted to keep the real size of the traditional spring rolls, and the flavor backs it up!


    Now let’s move on to the sweet side...

    Disney Springs offers a great number of restaurants and snack booths that will make you wonder... "what’s the best for my sweet taste buds"? Well, the answer is quite easy, Bubble Waffles are the right choice!

    Every time we think of a sweet snack, the first thing that comes to mind is a small portion, huh? This idea does not apply to Disney Springs Bubble Waffles. They are bigger than an iPhone Pro Max! Oh, they are also filled with so many mouthwatering ingredients that will certainly satisfy that sweet craving.


    disney springs bubble waffles.jpg

    The menu at this cozy snack booth wraps around six delightful choices:

    • Mickey Cookie Waffle Sundae
    • Minnie Sweet Strawberry Waffle Sundae
    • Goofy Peanut Grand Waffle Sundae
    • Donald Lemon & Blueberry Waffle Sundae
    • Pluto Peanut Butter Waffle Sundae
    • Minnie Witch Waffle Sundae

    All these Disney characters-inspired options are waiting for you for the price of $8.99. They are truly a mouth feast explosion!

    Here is a closer look of the menu, everything looks so temptilicious!

    disney springs bubble waffles1.jpg


    Do you like our choices? Do not hesitate to contact us, and let us guide you through the unique culinary world of Disney World! Send us a message and let us plan your next magical trip. Until the next one!

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