• The Disneyland Hotel in Paris Has Many Surprises for You

    The Disneyland Hotel in Paris Has Many Surprises for You

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 09, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    The Disneyland Hotel in Paris Has Many Surprises for You

    Ohh La La, Disney!

    The first Disney “royalty” 5-star hotel has some incredible surprises for us all and its cast members can certainly confirm this.

    Take a look at what’s waiting for you!

    Cast members were left in awe after stepping for the first time into the reopened Disneyland Hotel in Paris. And we are sure you will be stunned into oblivion too with its “only-at-Disney” incredible details, are you ready?

    disneyland hotel4.webp
    Disney ©

    Shine Bright like a… Royal?

    The first thing that caught cast members' attention when entering the hotel was the dazzling ginormous chandelier that is set as the centerpiece of the entire lobby.  

    disneyland hotel3.webp
    Disney ©

    This masterpiece is so unique and breathtaking, not only for its size and strategic position, but for the star-shaped crystals that make up the chandelier and the snowdrop elements that surround the center. It is quite a spectacle on its own right, and we cannot wait to take a zillion pics of this wonderful place which will surely be the hot topic of our gram, don’t you think?

    A “Frozen” room

    No no, it doesn’t mean you’re going to literally freeze up in this room, thank God. It means that you will feel like a stellar guest inside Arendelle Castle, what an experience.

    disneyland hotel2.webp
    Disney ©

    In this Frozen signature suite, guests encounter many movie references that make it one of the magical spots of the entire hotel.

    From the special Frozen details to the unique lighting, the suite feels as authentic as possible, and maybe Elsa will come over to make it snow at any moment, who knows!

    disneyland hotel1.webp
    Disney ©

    And... The View *insert lovey-dovey emojis here*

    We know one of our favorite things when visiting a Disney hotel are the amazing viewes. We want to feel like we are inside a fairytale, and that’s exactly how cast members felt when walking around the Castle Club Lounge where the Sleeping Beauty Castle could be perfectly seen in the distance.

    This is the perfect place for guests to enjoy a magical time!

    This is just the beginning!

    Disney is deeply proud of all the cast members involved in making the opening a huge success for everyone, and we surely cannot wait for you to live this dream too. Contact our team for more information and do not hesitate to ask any further questions.

    disneyland hotel.webp
    Disney ©

    Until the next one, my royal friend!

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