• The Most Artsy Food We Encountered at the Festival of the Arts

    The Most Artsy Food We Encountered at the Festival of the Arts

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 19, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 22, 2024

    The Most Artsy Food We Encountered at the Festival of the Arts

    If you haven’t visited the 2024 edition of the Festival of the Arts at EPCOT, let us warn you of an important detail that you need to be aware of.

    Your eyes may be in danger! Well, you can thank the visual delight that you will be witnessing in every corner. Sorry if we scared you for a second, but it's true! Everything is so vibrant, pretty and joyful that it will make your eyes twinkle with excitement when you visit Epcot… oh, and you will especially love the food.

    FIGMENT FARTS 2024 EPCOT (1).webp

    Art is everywhere, even in the food!

    The Festival of the Arts, or FARTS as we love to call it, is well known for showcasing the different expressions and forms that art can take, from music to dancing, painting and also one of our favorite ones: food. Yes, the uniqueness and creativity of Disney food options have always impressed us, but at FARTS the creativity is taken to a whole new level.

    Allow us to show you a small example of the many impressive and delicious options that FARTS has in store for you.

    Could a prize look this good?

    Take a "Wonderful Walk of Colorful Cuisine" with this cute prize that you can get after filling your festival passport with 5 special stamps. This classic yet artistic cookie is accompanied by a mixed berry smoothie.  It certainly catches our attention with its vibrant colors!

    Artsy food at FARTS 2024.webp

    The Deconstructed Dish

    This is truly live art, which is also edible, by the way. The color combination plus the many textures and creative wayit resembles a Lime makes it even more appetizing and intriguing, don't you think? 


    Deco Delights

    This was one of our favorite booths at the festival. These adorable desserts are a delight for the eyes (and for your mouth too, they're so good!) The color pallet is also top-tier! The combination of the three honors its name: Neapolitan Dessert Trio.

    Expect an explosion of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry with an elevated twist mixing these different desserts. 

    deco delights Artsy food FARTS 2024 EPCOT.webp

    Pop Eats!

    Ohh, our dear Pop Eats never disappoint. We are not talking about their iconic grilled cheese sandwiches (that will be for another time).

    Now is the time to shine for a very special snack that stole our hearts. Maybe Minnie helped a little bit with this one, since she's the artist behind this masterpiece.  

    "Rock the Dots White Chocolate and Orange Mousse" perfectly resembles a canvas that Minnie has been working on for some time now (and it tastes delicious too).

    pop eats artsy food FARTS 2024 ECOT.webp

    Figment's Inspiration Station

    The classics are back! Their colorful and vibrant presentation always leaves us speechless, and they look stunning (especially the cake)

    inspiration station (3).webp

    The Blueberry-Filled pastry tart plus the Grape Smoothie topped with the freezy Skittles cannot be left behind, they are surely an artsy explosion as well. 

    inspiration station (4).webp

    Let your imagination bloom!

    There is a saying that goes, “Visual appeal is half the meal”, and this is certainly applicable to FARTS 2024 culinary delights. Tell us if you enjoyed this visual artistical rollercoaster as much as we did. 

    If you want to see them in person, do not hesitate to contact our team and let them help you plan your visit to this unique Festival. Until the next one, friend!

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