• Three Things to REMEMBER About Housekeeping at Disney!

    Three Things to REMEMBER About Housekeeping at Disney!

    Created: Dec 18, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023

    Three Things to REMEMBER About Housekeeping at Disney!

    Housekeeping isn’t a joke, and (probably) will never be. That’s why we’re giving our big salute to all our housekeepers out there!

    And speaking of housekeepers, Disney World Hotels probably has one of the top-rated housekeeping services out there! Not only in Disney theme parks you will feel the magic, but also with the touch of Disney housekeepers in your hotel room. They will make it SQUEAKY CLEAN and SUPER COMFORTABLE!

    But of course, there are some things to remember about the housekeeping rules at Disney World, just like any other stuff on planet Earth. Here are 3 things to remember about housekeeping in Disney World hotels.

    Housekeeping will depend on which hotel you stay at

    Great NEWS for those who will be staying in Value and Moderate resorts: you will have access to housekeeping services every other day, while every day for Deluxe Resorts! Awesome, right? We have to keep our rooms clean and comfortable!


    You can also say no to housekeeping.

    Even though many people like housekeeping services, we do not really have to share the same taste, right? When you don’t want any housekeeping services delivered to your room, may it be because of your preference or privacy, Disney World and their housekeepers can certainly respect that!


    Their housekeepers are precious.

    Yeah, we know that Disney World’s housekeepers won’t leave a spot of dirt in your wall, bed or chair with their magical hands but also, they can be SWEET too! They will give you or your loved ones small gifts and make your blankets take the shape of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Oh wow, really, a big salute to the adorable and hardworking housekeepers.

    That’s all we have for y’all, peeps. If you like to know more about Disney World’s rules, discounts, tips and tricks, and many more, stay tuned to Famvia to never miss a thing. Send us a message, and we can plan your next trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Until next time!

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