• Top Pick: Universal's Aventura Hotel

Top Pick: Universal's Aventura Hotel

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 04, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

Top Pick: Universal's Aventura Hotel

Universal’s Aventura Hotel 

Universal’s Aventura Hotel is one of the best options for you to stay at Universal Orlando, especially if you are looking for budget to moderately priced accommodations and within short walking distance of Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

This hotel is different from other theme-centric properties. Universal’s Aventura Hotel stands for being a “modern and stylish place to stay,” and it focuses more on contemporary aesthetics than a simple “theme”.

Aventura can be described as a crisp and clean convention hotel, the perfect balance between functionality and style. The hotel offers a range of amenities including a pool, fitness center, and dining options such as Starbucks and Bar 17 Bistro. In comparison to Walt Disney World hotels like Gran Destino Tower, Aventura leans towards simplicity and it shows: it's extremely affordable, and you can get rooms for as low as $170 if you buy months in advance. Expect standard prices to be around $350-$400. 

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Aventura's convenient connectivity to nearby resorts and theme parks is truly impressive! A leisurely 10-minute stroll gets you to Universal CityWalk, or opt for a scenic boat ride, which takes just 15 minutes. Upon arrival at CityWalk, you'll have the choice to explore Universal Studios or Islands of Adventure.

Where do you stay at Aventura?

They offer standard and deluxe rooms, with smart features enhancing your experience. They are modest in size, but the rooms are functional and equipped with essential amenities.

Notable perks for guests include early admission to select attractions, although there is something important to notice and it’s the absence of an unlimited Express Pass, which you can only find on premier, more expensive hotels. 

There are tons of highlights here, though, like the Bar 17 Bistro, which stands out for its panoramic views and dining experiences. This is an open bar located on the roof, a perfect place to drink a beer and eat pizza after a whole day of roller coasters. You can watch the city from up top and even catch the fireworks that happen at Epcot and Magic Kingdom!

Universal’s Aventura Hotel is the smart choice for budget travelers, the ones who are looking for convenience and contemporary comfort. Its accessibility, amenities, and affordability make it a viable choice for those exploring Universal Orlando.

Want some help booking a spot here and securing a few days to have fun in Universal Orlando? Contact us, and let Famvia lend you a hand. We can plan your itinerary and give a few tips as well, so you have the time of your life in Florida.

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