• What Could Be a Good Idea for a NEW Disney Park?

What Could Be a Good Idea for a NEW Disney Park?

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Dec 18, 2023

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2024

Cinderella's Castle at Magic Kingdom

New year, new ideas for Disney!

Every Walt Disney World fan knows by now that there is a very specific theme surrounding each one of their beautiful theme parks. This theme is responsible for building the atmosphere and overall tone that will surround every attraction, live show and even when you sit down to eat at your favorite restaurant. I can only imagine that it’s a very delicate decision to come up with the perfect theme, which will act as a guiding hand to the theme park for the next one hundred years or so.

Disney, however, is pretty good when it comes to their own themes.

  • Magic Kingdom is all about childhood memories and Disney franchises. That’s why we have areas that represent the world of tomorrow and the mysteries of space, the magic of fantasy and even the adventures and dangers of the wild west. It’s also why we find numerous Disney IPs there, from Cinderella to Pirates of the Caribbean and The Little Mermaid.
  • Epcot celebrates planet Earth and the many cultures that exist across every continent. The World Showcase is the heart and soul of Epcot, where countries are represented with different rides, stores and restaurants. Spaceship Earth, an Epcot icon, celebrates the human race by bringing you to a voyage through time.
  • Animal Kingdom is all about - you guessed it right - animals. That’s why The Lion King features heavily in this theme park, and it’s the only Disney World park with a real safari. Even the Yeti makes an appearance at Expedition Everest! Wait, is the Yeti even considered an animal, or is he just a crazy, scary monster? A question for Google later on.
  • Hollywood Studios celebrates movies and the intricate world of animation. This makes complete sense when we see that this was the theme park chosen to host Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land, two massive new and successful additions. Oh, the Tower of Tower is also alive and well here, an awesome nod to one of the most influential TV series of all time - The Twilight Zone.

Disney has a lot of cool themes covered. It might be hard to come up with a brand new theme, after all. Well, let’s try and give our best, okay? After all, this was part of our wishlist for Disney during this Christmas Season.

Disney world marvel iron man.jpg
Marvel is already onboard Disney Cruise Lines. Next stop: theme parks?


Hey, did you know that something called “sports” is pretty popular out there? Yeah, from people kicking a ball between two goal posts to athletes swinging a wooden bat, it seems that this hobby moves billions of dollars every year.

I could see sports being a theme in a major theme park in the future. Sports are all about entertainment, and the same thing could be said about theme parks. You have soccer, football, baseball, ice hockey, tennis and basically an infinite number of sports I bet you have never heard of. How could the different styles influence the aesthetics of a brand new theme park?

Well, I guess a roller coaster inspired by Formula One could be really fun. A steel giant, similar to the defunct Dueling Dragons at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, where two roller coasters are intertwined with each other as if they were fighting in mid air. Could also be an indoor roller coaster that is all about speed, or even something similar to Test Track, where Formula One-like vehicles reach crazy high speeds as they lap around a building.

The biggest challenge here would be to mix Disney characters with sports. You don’t actually imagine Mickey Mouse with a hockey mask and a stick when you think about Disney, or Donald Duck scoring a goal and then celebrating with Lionel Messi. You do have the Mighty Ducks to represent Ice Hockey but, unfortunately, I don’t think they are too big out there and most people would be asking “who?” Ouch.

Ocean Life

Let’s celebrate water! Planet Earth is mostly made of water. Our bodies are mostly made of water. We need water to survive. Hmm, sounds like water is pretty important. Hey Disney, maybe we should create a theme park honoring it!

I’m not talking about a Water theme park, but a Water theme park. Okay, this sounds confusing, let’s get this clear: I don’t mean that Disney should recreate Blizzard Beach or Aquatica. Just make something like Sea World! Or, better yet, a new Animal Kingdom, but inspired by all the aquatic wildlife.

Disney animal kingdom kali river rapids.jpg
Well, a Raft Ride would make sense in a park dedicated to Water

Nemo would be a big success here, maybe even with a new dark ride that takes guests through a huge, real salt aquarium. Disney could even have an underground safari, where guests are able to spot a lot of different species of fish, sharks and eels. Well, I’m not an expert when it comes to big aquariums, but it’s an idea.

Do you want more Disney franchises that could be a big hit here? Sure. The Little Mermaid, Moana, Little & Stitch, Luca, Atlantis and many more.


A very safe choice and probably something that has already crossed Disney’s mind at some point. I know that Universal has some kind of deal with Marvel when it comes to theme park rides - that's why Islands of Adventure has Marvel Island - but I don’t know the details involving it. How long does it last? Would Universal be willing to talk to Disney and reach some sort of agreement?

There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas for rides if Disney ever wants to create a whole new theme park based on Marvel. The Avengers Tower as a tower drop ride? Yes, please. A new The Amazing Spider man 3D motion simulator? Yes, please. The Avengers battling Thanos in a huge new roller coaster? Yes, please.

You could probably input “Marvel” and “theme park” in ChatGPT and still get dozens of ideas that are good enough to be used. Marvel has the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man and most of the well known superheroes out there (sorry, DC). They could be used in almost any kind of ride, and could even feature in an amazing live show, similar to Fantasmic or Universal Studios’ The Bourne Stuntacular.

Imagine a live presentation that is a mix of awesome visual effects and live actors, with Spider Man, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the party fighting against baddies like Thanos, Ultron and Dr. Octopus? Yeah, a man can dream.

Video Games

You know another thing everyone loves? No, not sports. Not water. It's…

Video Games! Yeah, it doesn't matter if you are a fan of Playstation, or Xbox or if you love your Nintendo Switch, everyone loves to sit down, relax and play some games. Yes, even Candy Crush on your cell phone.

Video Games are starting to finally get a spotlight in theme parks with Super Nintendo World at Universal Resort. I mean, it makes sense, right? Videogames are all about entertainment, technology and surprising you with new mechanics. Similar to what a good theme park ride should do! They are a match made in heaven, and a good choice to have a theme park of their own.

Unfortunately, though, Nintendo wouldn’t be a part of that. Yeah, that sucks, I know. Nintendo has a deal with Universal, so Mario and Mickey aren’t exactly on the best terms. Still, there are a lot - and I mean, a lot - of awesome videogame IPs out there that could be a huge success in a theme park. Anything from Minecraft to Fortnite, Sonic, Roblox, Dark Souls, Warcraft, League of Legends and way more names that could fill dozens of pages.

There are also an infinite number of possibilities for fun rides, much like a brand new Marvel theme park. A Sonic roller coaster that is all about speed would be awesome, similar to Islands of Adventure’s VelociCoaster. A Fortnite based shooting gallery could work too, featuring characters from different videogame franchises. Maybe an indoor roller coaster based on Dark Souls and From Software’s greatest hits? Yeah, there are a ton of options.

Disney hollywood studios toy story mania.jpg
Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios already has some Video Game DNA

We can only dream for now

Oh well, it doesn’t look like Disney is ready to launch a brand new theme park anytime soon. Maybe this will change when Universal debuts Epic Universe in 2025? We can only wait and see. Still, a brand new theme park is something that costs billions of dollars and years of planning, which isn’t easy for any company in the world, Disney included.

If only Galaxy’s Edge in Disney’s Hollywood Studios cost them a billion dollars, can you imagine the price of a brand new, huge land popping up from scratch? Multiple roller coasters, restaurants, dark rides, and then add the cost of new employees as well. Yeah, not very cheap at all, to say the least.

What about you, do you have any fun themes for a brand new Disney theme park? We would love to hear your ideas. Send us a message with your thoughts or if you want to plan your next awesome trip to Disney! We are here to help you out.

Oh, and before we forget... happy New year! We hope you have an amazing 2024.

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