• Wrestling is coming to Magic Kingdom with "All Star Brawl"

Wrestling is coming to Magic Kingdom with "All Star Brawl"

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Mar 21, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2024

Wrestling is coming to Magic Kingdom with "All Star Brawl"

Walt Disney World’s Vice President of Human Park Operations Senior Rides Project Manager the Second™, Alexander Fayke Neels, announced this morning future plans for Magic Kingdom. Taking everyone by surprise, he unveiled plans for a new wrestling show taking place every night at the Happiest Place on Earth.

“At Walt Disney World, we are always trying to innovate,” he said to a group of journalists who were lucky enough to get a Disney Genie+ spot for his presentation. “That is why we are going to implement a new wrestling show at Magic Kingdom called the All Star Brawl, where guests will be able to see iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Jack Sparrow, Cinderella and more punching the **** out of each other. This marks the inaugural live wrestling show in a theme park, extending the remarkable streak of success Disney has seen since the global release of The Marvels in movie theaters and Willow on Disney+."

Even if Disney’s Wrestlemania was the star of the show, Alexander Fayke Neels also shared a few hints surrounding the future of Magic Kingdom. “Yes, we are expanding and bringing several cool new iconic things to this iconic theme park. We are happy to announce that soon enough we will launch the iconic Peter Pan’s Pre-Flight, which lets guests experience the iconic 70 minute queue to Peter Pan’s Flight as much as they want. We know that this queue has been iconic for more than fifty years, and we are happy to let guests experience this iconic moment again and again so they don’t even need to experience the iconic ride”.

After spending all his spokesperson vocabulary using words like “experience” and “iconic” over and over again, Alexander Fayke Neels was happy to reveal to a select group of journalists what guests could anticipate from the exhilarating new attraction. Luckily, Famvia was present and prepared to spill all the juicy details for you.

A Brawl for the Ages

From what we know, Disney’s All Star Brawl will be a gigantic show that lasts from 5 seconds all the way to sixteen hours. It all depends if the characters can last more than a few seconds on the rink, or if they can last a few blows and endure the major fights for several hours.

The complete roster of characters is still a mystery, but Disney unveiled a few of the fighters who will be there day one. You can expect to see some iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Queen Elsa, Jack Sparrow, The Balloon Guy from Hollywood Studios that carries hundreds of balloons, and Random Guest #5 that strips down nude in It’s a Small World. We are glad to see that so many beloved and iconic characters from Disney's rich history will be joining the brawl. Disney is even constructing a brand-new stage in the heart of Main Street USA to host this spectacular event.

Disney unveiled brand new concept art, made in 4.2 seconds with the help of MickeyAI

New stores and merchandising will also be available day one. Disney has unveiled the Hospital Patient Mickey Funko Pop for the first time, with our favorite mouse wrapped in bandages and using a crutch. That’s not all! For the first time ever, Disney Premier Hotel guests will be able to change the tides of the show and buy a variety of items in the middle of the brawl, which can then be given to their favorite fighters. Expect an incredible array of options at your disposal, from chairs to baseball bats and taser guns… all with Mickey shaped ears, of course. You can also buy a “Smickeydown Package” and save on brass knuckles, spiked clubs and pepper sprays, giving you the opportunity to make every fight just a little bit more spicier.

The AI prompt was "Elsa beating the **** out of Donald with a baseball bat" but apparently she is too nice for that

Round one… fight!

As we know, the first night will be a free for all featuring incredible fighters that are all part of the Disney legacy. Some of them come equipped with their very own signature moves, which are powerful blows capable of changing the tides of the entire battle.

Mickey Mouse, for example, has a very powerful move called “Do Nothing”, where he waves at the crowd, smiles and Disney’s stock rises as guests immediately start buying his merchandise. He can also use this against his enemies in very effective ways.

Alexander Fayke Neels explained it better, saying “so, we had a preview fight just last weekend, and we had Mickey Mouse against Sneezy, one of the Seven Dwarfs. Mickey used his “Do Nothing” ability and stayed there. Sneezy walked up and slapped Mickey, prompting Disney's bodyguards and lawyers to swiftly approach the stage. They placed a bag over Sneezy's head and escorted him away. We are deeply committed to safeguarding Mickey and our intellectual properties at all costs." what about Sneezy, you may ask? “Oh, him? No one cares about that guy. He is fine, somewhere in Guantanamo now. I think”.

Simba is also going to be a fighter and, in a surprising decision, Disney is opting for the Live Action version of the character. “Yes, Simba is coming directly from the Kilimanjaro Safaris in Animal Kingdom. In fact, he is one of our strongest fighters so far. We had a preview fight between Simba and Goofy that only lasted ten seconds. Let’s just say that Goofy was scrapped from our initial roster of fighters. Permanently”.

When asked if we can expect recent characters like Mirabel, Asha and Dante to make an appearance, Alexander Fayke Neels’ only comment was “Who? No, we don’t deal with characters from Universal”.

Say hi to Chad-Mickey, completely done in AI in 0.2 seconds and soon releasing as a Funko Pop

Are you hyped?

There is still no official date for when Disney’s Wrestlemania will debut, but we can certainly expect it after every Disney character ever becomes public domain.

Alexander Fayke Neels also mentioned that guests can get a sneak peek of the new event every summer at Walt Disney World, where they can experience firsthand what it's like to become a true fighter. “Yes, guests only need to visit Disney World in the Summer, especially in June and July, and step inside any theme park. They'll get a firsthand taste of the iconic brawl feeling as they battle through two-hour lines just to experience Dumbo the Flying Elephant, all while enduring the scorching Florida sun. We're also pleased to announce that we'll be offering Individual Lightning Lanes for our First Aid Stations, catering to guests who may suffer from sunstroke.”

Make sure to stay tuned to Famvia for future updates of this iconic-experience-attraction; We will make sure to update you as soon as we have news, and we also can’t wait for this brand new show coming to Magic Kingdom.

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