• You Can Break This Rule in Disney World!

You Can Break This Rule in Disney World!

Created: Dec 17, 2023

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2023

You Can Break This Rule in Disney World!

Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them as an artist.

It’s the holiday season again, and many people are looking forward to going to the happiest place on Earth, A.K.A. Disney World, and of course, rules should be followed for the safety of every guest there, whatever time or date it is.

That’s why Disney World has rules and policies to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone, just like the basics of not bringing illegal substances and explosive objects, sales of goods and services, and, of course, you should definitely dress properly. 

Even though Disney World has (many) rules, they won’t kill the joy when it comes to some specific details, because there’s still a rule that you won’t believe can be broken, specifically in their hotels and restaurants.

You Can Still Bring Alcohol


Yeah, it is a no-brainer to not bring alcohol inside the happiest place on Earth, because who would want to see someone vomiting or picking a fight while they are enjoying their tour, right? But well, we’ve got some good and different news for y’all, alcohol connoisseurs! 


You can bring your own alcohol or even order one through grocery service at Disney Resort Hotels. So, yeah, you can still have a fun time during your stay with an alcohol of your choice! If you opt to order instead of bringing your own, all you need to do is show a valid ID to the delivery man. 

Plus, here's another piece of good news: you won’t just be able to bring alcohol to Disney Resort Hotels; you can also bring wines to Disney Springs to be consumed at selected table service restaurants, but take note that there are corkage fees. 


Well, even though there are strict rules in the Happiest Place on Earth, we’re still happy that we can have more FUN by bringing or ordering alcohol!

For the latest updates about Disney World, you know the drill—stay tuned to Famvia to never miss a thing! Send us a message and let us handle your next trip to Disney World. We will even throw names of good wines to be savored while you explore Disney Springs. Until next time!

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