• Maharajah Jungle Trek

Maharajah Jungle Trek

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: May 03, 2024

Last Updated: May 08, 2024

Maharajah Jungle Trek
  • Year: 1999
  • Type: Self-guided tour
  • Single rider line: No
  • Minimum Height: None
  • Animals!
  • Lots to see
  • Kids love it

Maharajah Jungle Trek Review

I guess that’s why this theme park is called "Animal Kingdom"

Shh, keep your voice down! You are going to alert the nearby tigers or komodo dragons! Yes, this is a dangerous (spoiler: it’s actually not dangerous) trail across Animal Kingdom, where you and your whole family can see some of the most magnificent animals that inhabit our beautiful planet Earth. We are talking about majestic felines, bats, giant lizards, foxes, several Asian birds and a lot of specimens I had no idea even existed!

Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek art.webp
Walt Disney World©

The Maharajah Jungle Trek resembles a zoo, where visitors walk from area to area to observe several different animals from Asia. From small and cute creatures to dangerous predators, there's a diverse range of wildlife to see. Think of it as a smaller-scale version of Kilimanjaro Safaris. The best part is, you can take your time here, exploring the different habitats and waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.

It’s pretty easy to see if you are going to enjoy this attraction or not. Do you want to visit a place that makes you feel like you are wandering a forest and coming face to face with animals you wouldn’t usually see anywhere else? Then you will have a great time. If you come to theme parks mostly for the rides, then you might have more fun visiting Expedition Everest and Avatar Flight of Passage.

Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek birds.webp
Walt Disney World©

The Good

I really enjoy Maharajah Jungle Trek. In fact, I believe it's probably the best walking tour in Animal Kingdom. The random aspect of this tour is also quite exciting, which is another thing this attraction shares with Kilimanjaro Safaris. 

You never actually know how you are going to come face to face with one of those beautiful animals. Maybe the komodo dragons will just be sleeping on top of a rock and getting that nice tan in Florida? Or maybe they will be close to the glass wall, licking it with their poisonous muscles? What about the chimpanzees, will they be jumping from tree to tree, or even approaching guests and waving at them?

Here's a list of specimens you can find along this trail as of 2024:

  • Komodo dragons
  • Malayan flying foxes
  • Lion-tailed macaques
  • Black tree monitors
  • Prehensile-tailed skinks
  • Bengal tigers
  • Blackbucks
  • Deer
  • Buffalo
  • Geese
  • Cranes
  • A lot of birds!

I also like that visitors can enter buildings to observe small animals housed in glass containers, such as iguanas, geckos, and various other cool reptiles. There are also several cast members nearby, not only looking out for our safety, but ready to teach us a little bit more about all the creatures we see and even share a bit of trivia. Ahhh, I love Disney cast members.

The atmosphere is also quite good, full of ruins and artworks to make it look like you are venturing inside an ancient village or even a fantasy world. This helps give all the animals - especially the gorgeous tigers - a mystic aura that just makes the experience that much better. You know what else makes the atmosphere better? Not a lot of crowds. Surprisingly, this place rarely gets packed, granting you ample time and tranquility to explore everything at your leisure.

Animal Kingdom Maharajah Jungle Trek tiger.webp
Walt Disney World©

Oh yeah, the aviary is also quite cool! You walk into this open area and see lots of different birds flying around. I think you used to be able to buy food to feed them, but I'm not sure if they still offer that nowadays.

Just keep in mind, this is a lengthy self-guided tour, and time can easily slip away while you're here. Consider setting a time limit so you don’t spend the whole afternoon chatting with the tigers and leave some time to explore the World of Pandora later on. Or, you know, stay here all day if you'd like. It's entirely up to you, after all.

Will Kids enjoy it?

Oh, definitely! Kids, teenagers, adults - we all love animals! This tour offers a fantastic chance for kids to get up close to a variety of animals, from reptiles to tigers, rhinos, and more. It's also a great educational opportunity, with artworks and text in many areas providing additional information about the different wildlife.

The aviary is also a wonderful chance for your kids to have a blast, with birds flying around or even walking right beside them. Who knows, maybe one feathered friend will even land on their heads, giving you a photo opportunity of a lifetime.

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