• A New Immersive Experience Has Been Brought to Paris

A New Immersive Experience Has Been Brought to Paris

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Apr 22, 2024

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2024

A New Immersive Experience Has Been Brought to Paris

Surprises do not stop at Disneyland Paris

When we thought nothing could impress us anymore at the recently renovated Disneyland Hotel in the beloved City of Lights, Paris, they have done it again... this time with their signature suites!

disneyland paris signature suites 5.webp
Disney ©

This hotel’s transformation will allow guests to feel more and more connected to their favorite stories. It is a must-visit if you are a fan of Disney Princesses as much as I am, or if you simply wish to have a great time with family and friends. The place is simply magical.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to sleep surrounded by magic and elegant decor that makes you experience a fairy tale story? Certainly, only Grumpy would deny such an experience. Do you consider yourself closer to Grumpy or are you a fan of the Disney Princesses?

Sleeping in a dreamy ambiance

Well, I certainly consider myself a Princess pal. I love everything related to them! How could I not? I grew up watching them and dressing up like them whenever I had the chance. Now, things have changed a bit, it seems. I can actually visit a real-life castle and sleep surrounded by magic with a princess touch in every corner.

disneyland paris signature suites 4.webp
Disney ©

The Disneyland Hotel is welcoming guests to their Signature Suites, designed to offer a unique experience where guests can enjoy a closer connection to the classic stories of this world. From Beauty and the Beast and Tangled to the chilly tale of Frozen, all of your favorite princesses are brought together in an exclusive way through these new suites.

Expectations are high for these Signature Suites. Sophie Coudré, a set designer who has been part of many important Disney projects since 2018, has brought her expertise to Disneyland Paris as well. She even contributed to The Art of Marvel at Disney's Hotel New York. Indeed, expectations are through the roof at this point.

disneyland paris signature suites.webp
Disney ©

Where does the inspiration come from?

The movies were not the only source of inspiration for Disney’s team. They also studied the backgrounds, cultures, and many other factors that influenced the final design of the space.

disneyland paris signature suites 7.webp
Disney ©

According to Sophie, they even explored many cultural backgrounds. This allows everyone who steps inside each suite to feel more connected and to recognize almost immediately which world they’re entering. For example, Scandinavia for Frozen and medieval France vibes for Sleeping Beauty. So cool!

Guests can spot various elements that make each princess story unique. Some may be surprised by the beautiful rose from Beauty and the Beast, while others might be captivated by the iconic glass slipper that Cinderella wore to the ball. But surely, my favorite of all is in the Sleeping Beauty suite. No, Maleficent is nowhere to be found, but a glowing dress will catch your attention right away.

disneyland paris signature suites 1.webp
Disney ©

This dress has been one of my favorites since I was little, and now we get the chance to see it glow in person. What color is it? Sky blue or pink? Yes, the fairy godmothers are still fighting over the final color, so you can see it glow both ways. So pretty!

disneyland paris signature suites 2.webp
Disney ©

Overall, every element has been well thought out, and from the big displays to the smallest decorations, everything will make you turn your head at every step.

disneyland paris signature suites 6.webp
Disney ©

Ready for your next magical adventure?

Contact our team and let us know where you want to go on your next adventure. We can take you anywhere you wish. Don’t worry, you can start exploring the castle right here at Walt Disney World or Disneyland in California. The magic can start right at home.

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions; our team will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Until the next adventure, dear friend!

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