• The Best Days To Visit Legoland!

    The Best Days To Visit Legoland!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 14, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    The Best Days To Visit Legoland!

    Our Valentine's Gift for you!

    We know that visiting theme parks can be a little bit exhausting, especially because of crowds filling up the entire park. So we wanted to give you something that's pretty essential if you want to have the best time at Legoland. 

    The best time of the day to go there, the best season to visit, and THE WORST season to visit Legoland.

    The best DAY to visit!

    The best days to visit Legoland Florida are Tuesday through Thursday. Weekdays are always less crowded, since most people plan their weekends to have fun and recreation. Also, work. Yeah, a lot of people work during weekdays, that's surprising, huh?

    The best TIME of the day to visit!

    Now you know which day to visit, but at what time should you arrive? The correct answer is AS SOON AS the park opens! That's usually around 10:00 am, and if you can, please arrive 30 minutes earlier. The same strategy and tips for a Rope Drop at Universal and Disney World work here. 

    This will increase your chances of being the first in line and you won’t know what a queue is at least for a while.

    The best MONTH of the day to visit!

    We have two months that we recommend for people that want to visit Legoland. First it's January, especially during the first few weeks as soon as the holiday season ends. The park isn't as crowded, but keep in mind that it can get rather chilly in Florida, so bring a jacket.

    May is another good month when the Summer is about to start. Remember to go to Legoland before MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND, otherwise things will get rather chaotic.

    THE WORST season to visit it!

    If you are looking for a calm visit, you need to avoid Halloween weekend, which sometimes is even more crowded than the Holiday Season. Everyone loves to see all the Lego characters in costumes, after all.

    Now that you know our secret, you can choose wisely and pick the best dates to go to Legoland. Of course that you can also drive and visit Universal and Disney World, two amazing resorts that are close by. Need any help with your next theme park adventures? We are ready to help you out!

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