• How About Valentine's Day at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    How About Valentine's Day at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Feb 12, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    How About Valentine's Day at Universal Studios Hollywood?

    Hello, Lovers! 

    Valentine’s Day is just two days and everyone knows that choosing a park for your perfect day is one of the greatest ideas. We recommend you choose Universal Studios Hollywood from all the options.

    You might think that Universal is a family destination - and it surely is - but if you want to get things fun and romantic, this could also be the perfect destination. What better way to spend Valentine's than a date in Los Angeles? Here is how we would spend our Valentine's Day at Universal!

    Walking around the World

    You don’t need a plane ticket for this trip across the globe! You are all good right at the park, just get yourself to the upper lot at Universal and head over to the French Stree Bistro where you can get a coffee or a Pastry. This one is located on a block that looks like Paris, and how could you not fall in love with the City of Love right in front of you (or at least looks like it)?

    Behind the Magic

    After walking through the famous streets, you can take time to experience the World Famous Studio Tour, where you will get a behind-the-scenes look at movie magic. This tour is great to experience with the love of your life, you will get to see the movie sets from movies like “Little Italy” and “Colonia Street”, certainly the perfect opportunity to live a real-life motion picture with your partner.

    A Tropical Drink

    Want to travel to an Ancient Era? You need to walk to the lower lot and get on board the Jurassic World Ride, and once you are done with it, go to “Isla Nu-Bar” to enjoy a tiki-themed drink. maybe you can protect the love of your life from T-Rexs and all that, huh?

    Time for Dinner!

    But wait, your date can’t end without a special dinner, you can’t leave the park until you have a peaceful sit-down meal with your love at Universal CityWalk. Looking for something to spice up the situation? Margarita and Carne Asada at Antojitos Cocina Mexicana is the place for you. If you want something classic and romantic with glasses of wine involved, you need to book a table at Vivo Italian Kitchen.

    With those activities, we can assure you that your Valentine’s Day will be UNFORGETTABLE!

    Ready to go to Hollywood and have the time of your life in amazing rides and enjoying the perfect date next to your significant other? Send us a message, and let us handle every detail of your trip. We are travel agents, but we are also Cupids looking out for you. Until the next one!

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