• A Meet & Greet Guide to Universal Orlando

A Meet & Greet Guide to Universal Orlando

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Mar 20, 2024

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2024

A Meet & Greet Guide to Universal Orlando

Hello there! So, interested in knowing what kind of characters you can find all over Universal Orlando to give a hug? Let me tell you, it’s a cast of very, very diverse individuals. Sure, in Disney you can find the classic princesses, Mickey and his friends, but in Universal you can find some very unusual choices walking around Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Some of them might raise the question mark. Most of them will make you smile.

Transformers universal characters.webp

So, which characters can you find? We are talking about characters from cartoons like The Simpsons and Scooby Doo, movies like Shrek and Back to the Future and, of course, also characters from books. Unfortunately there is no one there cosplaying as Harry Potter and don’t expect to find Emma Watson, but you can take pictures with train operators and sometimes teachers and students from Hogwarts as well. Yeah, make sure to dress up in your robe and get a magic wand for a perfect picture.

We are going to list every character that you can usually spot at both theme parks. Remember that it’s not guaranteed to find them there: it depends on their schedule, your luck and also the weather. There are also characters that tend to appear more during specific seasons. For example, it’s easier to spot Beetlejuice near Halloween, and the Grinch during Christmas.

Keep in mind that Dreamworks Land will launch this Summer in Universal Orlando, so there is a good chance that Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and more characters will find a new home to rest and take pictures.

List of Characters in Universal Studios

  • Beetlejuice
  • Doc Brown
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Characters from Dreamworks
  • Hashtag the Panda
  • Hello Kitty
  • Scooby Doo & Friends
  • Knight Bus Operator
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Minions & Gru
  • The Mummy Pharaohs
  • Scooby Doo & Friends
  • The Simpsons
  • Spongebob & Patrick
  • Transformers

List of Characters in Islands of Adventure

  • Dr. Seuss & The Thing 1 and 2
  • Hogwarts Express Conductor
  • Hogwarts Students
  • King Julian
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Popeye & Olive Oil
  • Spider-Man
  • Velociraptor
  • X-Men

Universal Studios Characters


Where to find: Hollywood

This not-so-scary character can be found near the classic Universal Orlando’s Horror Make-Up show. From what I know, he is a rare sight, and it’s easier to spot him near during the month of October and near Halloween.

Doc Brown

Where to find: Hollywood

Great Scott, one of my favorite ones! The old Back to the Future Ride gave space to The Simpsons ride a while ago, but Doc Brown still goes strong. In the past, it was common to find one of the DeLoreans used in Back to the Future here in Universal, and Doc Brown would take pictures in front of it. Last time I was at Universal, the DeLorean was nowhere to be seen. Still, you can sometimes spot Doc Brown walking around Hollywood and entering stores to greet guests. Some people say that Marty Mcfly also appears during very busy days, but I’ve never seen him.

Dora the Explorer

Where to find: Hollywood

A big hit with the kids and toddlers. You can meet Dora near Mel’s Drive in at specific times. Sometimes she can also be seen near a gray monkey, which apparently is her friend in the cartoons.

Characters from Dreamworks

Where to find: Central Park/Dreamworks Land

dreamworks land universal.webp

Ohh, we can certainly expect a bunch of characters from Dreamworks making an appearance in Universal Studios in the coming months, with the launch of Dreamworks Land this Summer. In fact, you can take pictures with Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, the guys from Madagascar and the Penguins now, but we bet that they will all have specific spots for pictures when the new area opens. I mean, Dreamworks Land will feature Shreks’ swamp and his house, who wouldn’t want to take a picture next to that beautiful ogre there?

Hashtag the Panda

Where to find: Near Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon

This guy is the mascot of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He enjoys dancing and posing for pictures. He is also a bear. Yeah, you can already tell I don’t know much about him, huh? Well, he is probably a great pic opportunity for fans of the show.

Hello Kitty

Where to find: Hollywood.

Hello Kitty can usually be found inside her own store, and she is waiting for you to take a picture by her side! She is certainly a great choice for families with toddlers and kids (and adults alike…) that love her merchandise. Trivia: did you know she is one of the top grossing brands in the world? Yeah, that giant cat is worth almost 30 billion dollars. Phewww!

Knight Bus Operator

Where to find: London

Everyone knows this awesome celebrity, the regular bus driver! Apparently he drives buses. Also, he is english. He probably loves the Beatles. Rumors say he is a Manchester United fan. Hey, he does look very happy and charismatic most of the time, so it could be a fun opportunity for pictures.

Marilyn Monroe

Where to find: Hollywood

Usually found walking down the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, she is one of the biggest stars in movie history! Marilyn can usually be spotted right after her show ends, where she sings and dances with the Diamond Bellas. She is always in-character, and sometimes gives guests private acting lessons and even dances with them! No need to tell you to get your camera ready, huh?

Minions & Gru

Where to find: Minion Land/near Minions Mayhem/Illumination Theatre

Universal Studios minions land.jpg

Unfortunately, it’s not Steve Carell as Gru, but our favorite supervillain still looks amazing. The Minions are some of the most popular characters in the whole park, so expect a short queue to take pictures with them. They usually put on a small show before they start walking around and are ready to take random pictures with guests, while Gru (sometimes with his family) stays inside the Illumination Theatre.

The Mummy Pharaohs

Where to find: entrance to Revenge of the Mummy

Universal Studios revenge mummy entrance.JPG

No, you can’t find Brandon Fraser, but you can find a few Pharaohs and sometimes even Cleopatra in front of Revenge of the Mummy. The Pharaohs walk on wooden legs and tower over you, always putting on a mean face to show how badass they are. Still, they won’t mind if you stop next to them for a quick picture. They will also not steal your souls. I think.

Scooby Doo & Friends

Where to find: Near the entrance to the park.

Now this is my childhood. You can usually find Scooby & Shaggy in the morning, next to the Mystery Machine and ready to take pictures with guests. During busy days, there is a chance they will be accompanied by the rest of the gang, with Fred, Velma and Daphne also coming over for pictures. Shaggy always looks awesome and most of the time looks a lot like the movie version from 2002.

The Simpsons

Where to find: Springfield

Universal Studios Simpsons Krustyland.webp

One of the best photo opportunities in the entire park. You can take pictures with Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa. Their costumes look amazing and they appear at least once per day at Universal Studios. During busy seasons, you can also spot Krusty the Clown and other Simpsons characters walking around. Check your park map, since it usually says when the Simpsons will come over to take pictures.

Spongebob & Patrick

Where to find: Near & Inside SpongeBob StorePants

Spongebob universal (2).webp

Another fan favorite. I mean, who doesn’t love Spongebob and his friends? You can usually find them inside the SpongeBob StorePants, which is almost an attraction in itself. Seriously, this store looks beautiful and there are many easter eggs there, so make sure to pay a visit. During busy days you can also spot additional characters, like the great Squidward Tentacles.


Where to find: in front of Transformers 3D

Universal Studios Transformers character.webp

Ready to meet Optimus Prime, Megatron and Bumblebee? You can see some of the Transformers posing in front of the attraction entrance, and they look amazing. They aren’t people in costumes, but really big robots that look very, very well made and can interact with guests. Certainly worth a few videos and pictures. 

Islands of Adventure characters

Dr. Seuss & The Thing 1 and 2

Where to find: Seussland

Islands Adventure Seussland Thing.webp

Did you know you can take pictures with Dr. Seuss, the Cat in the Hat and The Thing 1 and 2 in Seussland? They are a big hit, especially with the kids. I mean, everyone loves to hug a giant fuzzy cat. There is also a chance you can find The Grinch, but he is a more common sight as Christmas approaches.

Hogwarts Express Conductor

Where to find: Hogsmeade

This is your chance to take a picture with Harry Pot-, I mean, with the dude that drove him to Hogwarts. Yeah, that guy! That legendary character, you know him, right? Jokes aside, it’s a cool chance to snap a picture near this train conductor, with the Hogwarts Express in the background. You can tell all your friends that you arrived in Hogsmeade in style!

Hogwarts Students

Where to find: Hogsmeade

There are several small shows and presentations taking place in Hogsmeade throughout the day. After some of them, you can spot students and teachers walking around, giving you a good chance to take a picture with them. Did you know that you can even become a Hogwarts student? Yeah, all you need is buy a Hogwarts student robe and a wand and you are good to go. Seriously, you might even mistake a guest walking around in robes as a cast member, so watch out for that.

King Julian

Where to find: The Lost Continent.

Universal Studios Madagascar character.webp

King Julien is often found alongside other characters from Madagascar. There is a good chance that he will soon move to Universal Studios and find a new home inside Dreamworks Land but, for now, you can find him in the Lost Continent.

Kung Fu Panda

Where to find: The Lost Continent

This panda is on a roll, even more so now with the new movie coming out. Expect to see him in the Lost Continent for now, but there is a good chance he will move to Dreamworks Land inside Universal Studios in the near future.

Popeye & Olive Oil

Where to find: Toon Lagoon

Two classic cartoon characters. I love that Popeye is wearing those classic costumes with the fake muscles, which look so weird but also so funny! One of the best things is that the actor even speaks like Popeye, which always makes me laugh. Olive Oil is often seen next to him, sporting a fake, cartoonish and very stylish nose.


Where to find: Marvel Island


It’s… the friendly neighbor Spider-Man! You can’t go wrong with him. Spider-Man is often found inside a specific store in Marvel Island, next to the arcades and in front of the stores that sell comics and action figures. There is usually a sign in front saying that Spidey is ready for pictures. Funny enough, I’ve never seen him walking around or standing next to the X-Men, which makes me believe that this particular store is the only spot in all Islands of Adventure where you can find Peter Parker.


Where to find: Jurassic Park

A special meet & greet that takes place during different times in the day. In this meet & greet, a trainer tells people to not touch the raptor named Blue as the creature appears behind a fence to interact with guests. It can be a bit scary for younglings, since the raptor looks very, very realistic.


Where to find: Marvel Island

The X-Men are a classic in Islands of Adventure. They arrive in style, driving ATVs with loud music in the background announcing that the superheroes are coming for pictures. Expect to see Wolverine, Rogue, Storm, Cyclops… sometimes they are also followed by Marvel characters like Captain America, Dr. Doom and even the Green Goblin! I don’t think their costumes are super well made, but it’s definitely charming. It reminds me a lot of the classic cartoon from the 90s, which is a big plus. It’s also cool that they stand near each other, so you can just move from hero to hero (and villains) taking pictures.

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