• Enjoy a Little Treat at These Universal Snack Stations

Enjoy a Little Treat at These Universal Snack Stations

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Feb 20, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

Enjoy a Little Treat at These Universal Snack Stations

Have a great time, bite after bite!

Visiting Universal is always a fun experience. From thrilling rides like Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure or the VelociCoaster to the unique themed snack centers that will transport you to the world of your favorite characters, there is something for everyone

Let’s take a look at our top three options when it comes to... snack stations!

Snacks all around

After a long day of riding roller coasters, it's great to grab a quick snack that will give you all that energy boost that your body needs to keep up with the adventures that Universal offers.

The Three broomsticks universal (3).webp

As foodies, this is one of our favorite activities. To try out the different snacks and yummy options that lay around the park sounds like a fun idea, right? And a pretty mouthwatering one too!

We want to unwrap some of our favorite treat alternatives when visiting this exciting park.

First, we head to Illumination’s Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida where our beloved yellowish friends are waiting for us. Then it's time to try their delicious quickie foodie options that won´t disappoint you!

Bake My Day

It's time for a sweet option at this Fantasy bakery, where the Minions and Unicorns are the stars of the show. Guests can purchase some delicious macarons, s’more, cupcakes, and even packaged candy inspired by our favorite characters from this world.

bake my day minionland universal (2).webp

Plus some great souvenirs that will complete your day in the best possible way (plush toys, apparel, drinkware and so much more). Agnes will totally love this place!

Freeze Ray Pops

If the Florida Weather is melting you step by step, then this chilly and yummy snack will be ideal for you. Fresh up with a variety of icy cold beverages and ice lollies that have not only a great taste, but a colorful and creative decoration that makes them unique and perfect for a gram pic during your visit.

freezy pop universal (1).webp

It's time to move to Springfield, where we findone of the most popular and delicious snacks in thw world...

Lard Lad Donuts

Yes, we are talking about the unbeatable Lard Lad Donuts, which can be found at the home of the Simpson when visiting Universal Studios Florida. 

lard lad donuts universal.webp

It's such a great experience! No wonder why Cheriff Clancy Wiggum never stops eating them. They’re massive and so yummyyyy, you can certainly share one with the whole family.

Ready for a snack?

Contact our team, and we will help you plan your next Universal adventure and make sure to add these wonderful snack spots to your agenda. We will also provide you with full guides that will help you get the most out of your visit! Remember that your foodie journey is just a few clicks away.

Until the next one, dear friend!

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