• Explore Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts!

    Explore Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 08, 2024

    Last Updated: Feb 09, 2024

    Explore Harry Potter and the Escape From Gringotts!

    Located at the most magical land of Universal Orlando, you can find one of the most thrilling yet exciting rides of all. This is perfect for all adventurous visitors who won’t mind letting out a few screams during their journey.

    Do you think you’re ready for this?

    An exciting ride is waiting for you

    Visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is always a unique experience, especially at Universal Studios' Diagon Alley where magical spells could be popping into our faces at any moment, and there are so many attractions and things to see to make your visit truly special.

    Harry Potter Universal Forbidden Journey (5).webp

    What about this thrilling ride?

    Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts is one of the highlight in the Diagon Alley. This is a mix of a dark ride with a roller coaster  featuring 3D effects that will keep guests on the edge of their seats.

    The adventure starts right at the queue, where you will be mesmerized by the incredible decorations and majestic atmosphere that Gringott’s lobby exudes.

    Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (4).webp

    Have your camera ready from the moment you enter, we are sure the goblins won’t mind you taking a few pictures of the entire ride. But be careful and try to stay as far away as possible from their special vaults, they may be a little bit overprotective when it comes to gold.

    Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (3).webp

    As you move forward in the line, you will arrive at Bill Wealey’s office where the excitement starts to build up as the story develops. Blordark welcomes you, and a surprising event happens that turns over the table for everyone.

    Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (5).webp

    Then…  what?

    Guests then head to the vault where a pair of 3D glasses and a vehicle wait for them, and the magical journey finally begins. 

    Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (6).webp

    Do not let your guard down! As you make your way throughon this speedy adventure, you have to watch out for dragons and even Voldermort, who is hunting you down. Relax, Harry, Ron and Hermione are also here to lend you a hand.

    Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (1).webp

    It's magic o’clock!

    If you cannot wait to try out this incredible ride or ride it again, contact our team and we will make sure to take you to this wonderful world as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, we would love to help you out as much as possible.

    Until the next one, dear wizard!

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