• Exploring Minion Land at Universal Studios Orlando

    Exploring Minion Land at Universal Studios Orlando

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 04, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Exploring Minion Land at Universal Studios Orlando

    Gru and his yellow friends are at Universal Studios Florida


    Hello friends, who else here is a fan of those little yellow guys? Minions. Yeah, that's what they are called. We call them weird, Universal calls them a multi-billion dollar franchise, so I guess they win. If you like them just like us, get ready to explore their home at Universal Studios Florida.

    These yellow troublemakers from Despicable Me are going to give you a vibrant and entertaining moment with multiple attractions, iconic photo opportunities and a smile from ear to ear.

    Minion Mayhem Ride

    The centerpiece of the Minion Land is the Minion Mayhem ride, an incredible experience that will take you on a wild and funny ride with Gru and his Minions. You will join the Minion training academy and, WAIT, YOU WILL be transformed into a Minion! This is a fun 3D motion simulator similar to something like Hollywood Studios' Star Tours, which is perfect for the entire family.

    Super Silly Fun Land

    You cannot go to Minion Land and not step into Super Silly Fun Land, which is a colorful and energetic area inspired by the carnival from Despicable Me. Play zones, and carnival games, and you even get the chance to dance with the Minions, the perfect place for every age if you ask us!


    Don’t worry about pictures, because everywhere you turn there is a Minion photo opportunity to be captured. Strike a pose with life-sized Minions and themed backdrops that transport you into the real heart of the Despicable Me universe.

    To complete your adventure, you will enjoy Minion-themed treats and desserts available at this beautiful and fun land. Those are delicious snacks, shaped like Minions, everything you can imagine from cookies, ice cream and more! Of course, most things here will be very, very... yellow.

    So, are you ready to go to Universal Studios and visit Gru and his friends? We can help you out! Send a message to Famvia and let us handle everything for you, friend. 

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