• Get a Good Look at Epic Universe's Isle of Berk!

Get a Good Look at Epic Universe's Isle of Berk!

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 28, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

Get a Good Look at Epic Universe's Isle of Berk!

Epic Universe is closer than ever!

Since the news dropped into our laps, we've been absolutely thrilled about the exciting Universal project: Epic Universe. It's a new theme park with a futuristic concept, complete with portals to transport you from one place to another and thrilling adventures through various lands. How could we not be eager and excited about this news?

Thankfully, Universal is making the waiting a little more bearable. Just a little bit more. They have unveiled some interesting details about one of the FIVE lands that will be part of this incredible Universe. Want to take a look with us?

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Is there any dragon in sight? Well, no, not yet. But soon enough the land of these great creatures will be taking over at Epic Universe. And we know many fans want to start the countdown already to explore this incredible world. Meanwhile, while we dream and wait for Universal to launch their third major theme park, let’s explore this land through our imagination. Surely Universal will find a way to surpass them all.

What to expect from the isle?

When envisioning this new land, imagine an expansive version of a Viking village, life-size, but then double it. Here, guests won't just immerse themselves in a mythical journey through various attractions and places to explore. From the moment they step outside the portal and enter the Village, the experience will be filled with constant awe.

isle of berk epic universe universal 1.webp
Universal Orlando©

The infrastructure

The Village will be adorned with colorful pieces scattered everywhere, including the iconic statues seen in the movies. Expect to see majestic dragon and Viking statues displayed prominently throughout the land. Additionally, the iconic Viking ships will be anchored at the lagoon, inviting guests to snap as many photos as they desire. How cool is that?

The project's executive producer, Katy Pacitti, elaborates: "As depicted in the films, our first glimpse of the Isle of Berk is framed by Viking and dragon sentry statues, with rocky cliffs, dragon houses, and mountains in the background." With an abundance of colors, shapes, and extravagance throughout the area, visitors can anticipate a truly immersive experience.

isle of berk epic universe universal 9.webp
Universal Orlando©

“You will be struck by the scale of the world and the vibrancy. We consider the world an attraction itself; the goal was always to make Berk alive and create a very vibrant and lively land where Vikings and dragons live in harmony.” Says, Pacitti, and we cannot wait to see it coming to life.


Yes. How it could be a Universal theme park without the iconic theme rides? The vibrant Viking Village ensures that fun is never missed. Let's dive into some of the attractions - there are a total of five (for now!) - that promise to deliver thrilling adventures reminiscent of the movies. Well, almost... just a heads-up, there are no real-life dragons here, okay? yeah, might be disappointing to some.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

Get ready to experience Berk from the perspective of the dragons with the splashy coaster! Soar through the skies and brace yourself for an adrenaline-packed ride. Are you ready for this thrilling adventure? 

This looks like a very fast roller coaster that is all about speed, and less about sharp turns or loops. My kind of coaster! Even better if it soars near the ground and gives you some air time.

isle of berk epic universe universal 2.webp
Universal Orlando©

The Untrainable Dragon

This will be a live show featuring popular characters from this world. Hiccup, Gobber, Astrid, and even Toothless will be there. There are lots of puppets, actors and achrobats here, ensuring that everyone has a good time. 

It appears that this show will take around 20 minutes, which is the standard running time for shows in theme parks.

isle of berk epic universe universal 3.webp
Universal Orlando©

Dragon Racer’s Rally

Want to prove your dragon training skills? Then this ride has to be on your bucket list. This is a dragon-riding trainer whose exterior is inspired by the Viking style and will have you flying in high speed during a bit of "practice". 

Apparently, you are the one controlling your own seat, as it can be as mild or intense as wish wish. Want just to soar across the sky without any loops? Sure, you can do that. Want your seat shaking and spinning around? It appears you can also do just that. 

isle of berk epic universe universal 4.webp
Universal Orlando©

Fyre Drill

Refresh yourself with this splashy and wet attraction! Enter the boat battlefield created by Ruffnut & Tuffnut, where the goal is to outscore your opponents. Take aim at the moving targets while dodging the hosted Vikings. With over 130 targets, it's truly impressive, isn't it? 

This looks like a shooting gallery similar to what we've seen on Men In Black: Alien Attack and Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom. We hope that Universal makes it a Men In Black 2.0 with cool new visual effects, animatronics and just fun gameplay mechanics for guests to enjoy.

isle of berk epic universe universal 5.webp
Universal Orlando©

Viking Training Camp

This will be the perfect spot for junior and little Vikings to explore this dragon-filled world! Young guests can slide, climb, and embark on an interactive journey to discover many dragons. Meanwhile, the little ones will be hosted by Fishlegs, who will share his knowledge about these mystical creatures.

isle of berk epic universe universal 6.webp
Universal Orlando©

Other activities that you can expect

Meet & Greets

Have your camera ready, dear Vikings, because in 2025, you can meet your beloved characters and capture memories to take home with you... in the form of a photo, of course. Get ready for Toothless, who will be waiting to greet you with a warm smile.

isle of berk epic universe universal 7.webp
Universal Orlando©

Pacitti says, “I do think that the Toothless meet and greet is what’s going to knock everybody’s socks off… It’s going to be a guest experience that sets a new standard.” And we cannot wait to meet him already.

Shopping & Eating at the Village

Of course, Vikings have to recharge their batteries after a long day training dragons and surpassing many challenges. When the time comes, you will have to visit Mead Hall, which is the main highlight of the land. 

isle of berk epic universe universal 8.webp
Universal Orlando©

Here, your taste buds will be in for a treat as they sample the incredible and delicious meals available at this fast-casual dining spot.

Can’t wait to have a blast?

We cannot wait either. However, while we patiently wait for 2025 to arrive, let’s plan your next vacation and start immersing in a world filled with excitement and adventures through our many destinations. Beach resorts, cruises, theme parks, or anything you wish. It's your call.

Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, our team is more than happy to assist you in any possible way.

Until the next one, dear Viking!

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