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Go Shopping at Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Mar 22, 2024

Last Updated: Mar 26, 2024

Go Shopping at Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida

Calling all shopaholics! It's time to gather in the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

Universal Orlando is not only about the thrilling emotions you feel in your gut while riding the VelociCoaster, or the frightening moments you experience during the Halloween Horror Nights. Many guests feel drawn by one enchanted universe that reigns at the park. Any guesses on what we are talking about?

diagon alley harry universal wizarding  (6).webp

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! This is a place filled with magic and enchanted spots that will make your visit feel like stepping into a movie. Thanks to the incredible decorations and facilities meticulously designed to mirror those in the movies, every corner of the park exudes a truly magical atmosphere.

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Shopping at Diagon Alley

One crucial skill we have developed as a society is shopping. In every form, for every product. We love it. Especially at theme parks, where the items can be so unique and memorable that it is almost impossible to resist these special goodies.

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This time, we're shifting our focus away from food, ride tickets, or even photo pass experiences. Instead, we're diving into a list of shopping spots where normality is simply not an option. Prepare to be transported to a world where everything is extraordinary.

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Every store has a touch of magic and uniqueness and can be a fun activity on your next trip. Hopping from one to another with no expectation just for the pleasure of discovering new items and shopping for new additions that will be the hot topic for family and friends, how fun, right?

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List of shopping centers at Diagon Alley

  • Borgin and Burkes; expect Death Eater masks, skulls, some attire replicas of the Harry Potter movie, accessories, collectibles, and more. 
  • Gringotts Money Exchange; enjoy a fun experience by exchanging your money for Gringotts bank notes, which you can later use for more shopping at Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.
Escape from Gringotts Universal Harry (3).webp
  • Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions; find everything you need for a full outfit inspired by Hogwarts aesthetic. From scarves, sweaters, and hats to uniforms and jewelry. 
  • Magical Menagerie; find a great magical variety of plush toys at these stores. Every magical creature you can think of can be found here. 
  • Ollivanders; be chosen by the wand. Just like the movie, this interactive experience is so much fun. 
  • Quality Quidditch Supplies; here you will find everything you need to be prepared for a Quiddtich game, or just to support your favorite team. 
diagon alley harry universal wizarding  (8).webp
  • Wands by Gregorovitch; wands, wands, and more wands replicas can be found here. They’re pretty cool and will be a great addition if you wish to collect them.
Wands by Gregorovitch Universal Harry (3).webp

Other shops to visit:

  • Scribbulu
  • Sugarplum's Sweetshop
  • Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes
  • Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment

Ready to sprint to the next shop?

Even if you're not a huge fan of shopping, visiting this store out of sheer curiosity can be a magical experience that brings you closer to the wizarding world. 

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions, our team is more than happy to assist you in any way possible. Plus, when you reach out to us, we'll provide you with comprehensive guides and plan your dreamy vacation to anywhere you wish to visit. Whether it's theme parks, cruises, beach resorts, you name it! We've got you covered.

Until the next one, dear wizard!

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