• It's Time to Save E.T at Universal Orlando

    It's Time to Save E.T at Universal Orlando

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 26, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    It's Time to Save E.T at Universal Orlando

    Universal Studios Orlando has been one of the top destinations for family and friends throughout the years. Its features lots of attractions, lands and thrilling rides, making it the perfect spot for a wonderful time. There is one classic ridem however, that won our hearts way back in the 90s. Let’s talk about it!

    et adventure universal (1).webp

    The Green Planet needs your help

    In the early 80s, the E.T. movie was released and was directed by Steven Spielberg. Since its first trailer, it has become an instant classic, with iconic features like how E.T. looks and John William's epic score. 

    When this franchise finally came to Universal in the early 90s, it connected fans more interactively with the movie and its main character. Funny thing is, it keeps doing the same thing today, charming entirely new generations.

    Where is it located?

    At Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone, where we keep waiting for the new DreamWorks Land to come to life.

    universal street.webp

    It is a kid-friendly attraction and every fan (from the 80s movies to young children) can enjoy it during their visit to the park.

    Why is it so special?

    It's not only about nostalgia, but it is the only ride that is still available and better than ever since the opening day of Universal Studios! Crazy to think of that now, huh? And for longtime guests, it has become one of those special places where the emotion and excitement are never missed, they feel like the first time every time they hop on the bycicle. 

    et adventure universal (3).webp

    What is it about?

    Guests start connecting with the story right at the queue, and their mission is to bring E.T. to his planet. It starts with a video from the mastermind behind the film, Steven Spielberg, who explains that E.T. needs your help and guests hop on their flying bikes to try to save E.T.’s home planet.

    It's such a thrilling experience, but heads up, because you may encounter a few enemies on the way (with a great chance of defeating them). You even get to fly to an alien homeworld and see E.T.'s friends there!

    et adventure universal (3)-1.webp

    Right near the end, you get to see E.T. personally thanking for your brave performance during this important mission that saved his home. Certainly, a true hero is born after each ride.

    et adventure universal (2)-1.webp

    E.T. Phone home!

    It's your moment to immerse in this wonderful adventure. Contact us and we will provide you with full guides so you get the most out of your Universal Adventure, plus a few suggestions of more rides and delicious spots that will make your visit a memorable experience.

    Until the next one dear, friend!

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