• Join Will Smith for This Ride in Universal Studios

    Join Will Smith for This Ride in Universal Studios

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 14, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

    Join Will Smith for This Ride in Universal Studios

    The Universe needs your help!

    There are many incredible and realistic attractions across Universal Studios. However, there is one that manages to catch our attention and make us re-ride it over and over. It's a ride about aliens, laser guns and people wearing black.

    men in black universal (1).webp

    Men In Black are back in town

    Many of us remember the iconic movie from the 90s. How Will Smith trained hard (after many trials and errors) to become one of the best agents and companions that Agent K, Tommy Lee Jones, could hope for to fight against the extraterrestrial menace that invaded planet Earth. The movies were all pretty fun, especially the first one.

    Universal Studios, as the theme park capital of stars and cinema, had to feature a special ride that celebrates this wonderful franchise, right? Yep, if you walk through the World Expo at Universal Studios Florida, a huge and futuristic structure will probably have your attention.

    men in black universal (4).webp

    That is the MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack ride, and we are here to share what you can expect during your training session to become a special agent next to Will Smith.

    men in black universal (7).webp

    Buckle up, agent

    Have you ever used a laser gun? Well, you will in Alien Attack. This is an interactive shooting gallery, similar to Buzz Lighyear's Space Ranger Spin at Disney World's Magic Kingdom. This means shooting a bunch of animatronics as you try to beat your opponents for the high score!

    New York City is in danger of a catastrophic alien invasion, and only you, Agent Trainee, can stop it. Are you up to the challenge?

    men in black universal (3).webp

    This missions takes place in a multi-rooms where guests are teamed up in groups of six (it should be enough backup) to defend our galaxy from the risk of complete alien domination!

    You will be armed with special laser technology that will help defeat the aliens that surround you. Remain alert! Your vehicle moves slowly, but there are aliens hiding everywhere. Behind the windows, sitting on benches and even inside trash cans!

    There are more than 120 different “species” of alien animatroinics that have been carefully created for this ride, some of them even look cute! Well, this is my personal opinion. I'm shooting them either way.

    men in black universal (5).webp

    Do you want to know the best part? Every ride feels like a completely new experience, because the endings are quite unique and based on your high score! You might even be presented with your own suit if you can get a lot of points.

    “I make this look good”

    Do you think you are able to destroy a few aliens and make it look cool? Then contact our team and we will make sure to get you into an intergalactic experience with Universal. We can even share a few tips, like... try to press the red button just before the end section of the ride. There, this one was free, now go shoot some aliens.

    Until the next one, agent!

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