• Merch Available for Halloween Horror Nights 2024

Merch Available for Halloween Horror Nights 2024

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Apr 16, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024

Merch Available for Halloween Horror Nights 2024

Start jamming for the party of the year!

Is it too soon to start getting ready for Halloween Season? Naaah, never! Especially if we’re talking about one of the most interactive and fun theme parks of all, Universal Studios Orlando.

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Halloween at Universal is truly spectacular. Year after year, Universal has been recognized for hosting the best Halloween event among all theme parks. That's quite an achievement, isn't it? Last year, they pulled out all the stops with Haunted Mansions inspired by popular IPs like The Last of Us, Stranger Things, and many more. Needless to say, it was an absolute success.

First things first

When planning your next adventure, one of the first things you prepare is your attire, right? It's one of the basics. If it's cold, you pack a sweater; if it's hot, some fresh T-shirts. But when it comes to attending the popular Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, what do you pack? A zombie mask? A zombie costume? Just a full zombie? Nah... how about...

The new merch available online at the Universal Store!

If it's a party, it's best to be on point with the dress code. The merchandise inspired by Halloween Horror Nights 2024 edition has to be on your list of must-have items for those special days. After all, you want to be both comfortable and stylish when being photographed screaming in terror, right? So let's check out some of the options available there!

Halloween-inspired merch for Universal

Halloween Horror Nights "Where Horror Lives" Black Adult T-Shirt

Don't let the darkness intimidate you anymore with this vibrant shirt. Its cool vibes make it suitable for wearing outside of Halloween Horror Nights too!

halloween horror night merch universal.webp
Universal ©

Price: $33

Halloween Horror Nights 2024 "Horror Lives Here" Adult Cap

Are you a fan of caps? Then add this cool-themed cap to your cart. Its black color pairs well with everything, and the vibrant letters add a pop of excitement, perfect for the special event, or any other day, the choice is yours.

halloween horror night merch universal 1.webp
Universal ©

Price: $30

Halloween Horror Nights 2024 "Horror Lives Here" Steel Tumbler

Feeling thirsty? After screaming for hours, you sure will. This practical tumbler can be filled with your favorite beverage while exploring the mysteries surrounding every Haunted House.

halloween horror night merch universal 3.webp
Universal ©

Price: $27

Are you ready to be spooked?

Contact our team now and book your thrilling yet exciting adventure to Universal. We'll not only prepare you for the best trip ever but also provide you with tons of tips and guides to help you make the most of this experience.

Don't hesitate to ask any further questions, our team is more than happy to assist you in any way possible.

Until next time, dear friend!

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