• Photo IDEAS at Universal Orlando

    Photo IDEAS at Universal Orlando

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 23, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Photo IDEAS at Universal Orlando

    Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure are some of the most visited theme parks in the world, and this certainly isn't a bif surprise. Both parks offer guests a unique journey, where the magic of the most beloved movies and TV shows is brought to life, ready to allow an interactive experience for all visitors.

    The best place to feel like a celebrity

    At Universal Orlando, guests will not only enjoy the thrilling attractions and fun activities, but they also get to feel like big stars! And no, we are not talking about the VIP Experience that Universal offers (which we highly recommend), but about the many spots that can be used to take the most unique pictures during your trip.

    Seuss Landing Universal (2).webp

    Let’s be honest, we all like to immortalize our special moments through wonderful pictures and videos, and what better place than Universal Studios? Not only to show off your incredible trip that Famvia helped you plan, but also to create a more aesthetically pleasant feed for your Instagram with the incredible spots that can be found around every corner.

    Transformers universal characters.webp

    And I know having creative ideas for great photos can be extremely challenging, especially when having a blast during your visit. That’s why we want to share with you these great ideas that may leave you with a big smile when it's finally time to show them to your friends.

    Let’s unwrap your photogenic side


    If you wish to give a vibrant and fantasy vibe with your pic, this may be the perfect place for you with the many colorful characters that surround you. Just remember to snap the picture from afar so you can really make the colors pop.

    KrustyLand universal.webp

    Fire Brigade

    If you see prompts like this one lying around the park, use them! They are so creative and cool for a fun pic, don’t you think?

    Seuss Landing

    Any Seuss fan over here? This is the perfect place to combine magic and fun in one photo. This area showcases the different worlds that characterize each movie, and you can find colorful spots to take your favorite pic, even next to the Lorax, it looks amazing.

    Seuss Landing Universal (6).webp

    Universal Characters

    Disney is not the only one where your favorite characters can pop up in the middle of the park. At Universal, guests can encounter their top movie characters when walking around. This is also a super opportunity for a pic, imagine taking a great pic with the Transformers or doing the conga next to Julien the King!

    universal dreamworks characters.webp

    Say Cheeesee!

    Is time to take those iconic pictures! Our team is ready to fill you with tons of more ideas and also to help you plan out your next trip to Universal Orlando. We also have in-depth guides that will help you get the most out of your visit. Remember, your next fun experience is just a few clicks away. Until the next one, friend!

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