• What is Universal's Child Swap Service?

    What is Universal's Child Swap Service?

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Feb 23, 2024

    Last Updated: Feb 26, 2024

    What is Universal's Child Swap Service?

    How, are you excited to experience the thrilling Jurassic World VelociCoaster, but bummed out because someone in your group doesn't meet the height requirement? Do not worry, my friend. Universal has your back.

    A gift to all families

    Let's see what Universal has to say about Child Swap. According to them, “each ride and attraction has a family room where one member of your party can wait with the little ones while the rest of your party rides. Once they are finished, switch places so whoever rode can stay with the kids, and the adult(s) who sat out can enjoy the ride”.

    Hey, that’s awesome. This means that, even if you are visiting a park with your little ones, you can still enjoy amazing attractions like the previously mentioned Jurassic World VelociCoaster and the Incredible Hulk Coaster. The Child Swap service offered by Universal is very similar to the Ride Switch offered by Disney World, with just a few differences.

    Let's see how you use the Child Swap service at Universal!

    Islands Adventure Marvel Island 1.webp

    Step by Step

    1. Approach the Cast Member at the entrance of the Ride with your entire party. Yep, even children included. Tell the Cast member that you want to use the Child Swap service.
    2. At Universal Orlando, everyone in the party, including children and those who choose not to ride, typically enters the queue together. This is a key distinction from the Ride Switch system at Disney World, where non-riders usually wait outside the queue.
    3. When it's time to board the vehicle, the party will be split into two groups. Party #1 will board the vehicle and enjoy the ride as usual. Party #2 comprises those who either choose not to or cannot ride, and they will be directed to a designated room accompanied by one adult. Party #2 will wait there until Party #1 has completed the ride.
    4. Keep in mind one thing: sometimes, Cast members near the loading area will give you a Child Swap ticket that you will need to use later on to ride the attraction without re-entering the queue. This usually happens if you want to wait outside the attraction and plan to come back later on for a variety of reasons (the Family Room can be loud and scary for little ones). You can also kindly ask for a paper child swap pass. When utilizing a child swap paper pass, typically, you'll re-enter the attraction at the exit after swapping with the first adult.
    5. Once Party #1 is done, they head to the special room to meet Party #2. Now it’s time for Party #2 to ride, while Party #1 stays with the guest that cannot ride. Party #2 will ride immediately with no need to re-enter the queue! Even riders from Party #1 can ride again with whoever was in Party #2, as long as there is a single adult with the non rider in the Child Swap room.

    Hogsmeade UNIVERSAL 5.webp

    That's easy, right? We hope you had a great time familiarizing yourself with the Child Swap service. No more excuses to not be launched in the sky in Doctor Doom's Fearfall and say that "I can't go cuz of the kids". See you in the clouds, friend!

    Need help getting to Universal or need extra tips? Send us a message! We are always here to talk, offer guides, tips and everything else you need. Until the next one!

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