• What’s New at Sandals Resorts in 2024?

    What’s New at Sandals Resorts in 2024?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Feb 21, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

    What’s New at Sandals Resorts in 2024?

    Sandals Resorts come packed in 2024

    Sandals has become over the years one of our top favorite destinations. The resorts allow guests to explore the Caribbean like never before, plus offer a unique adult-only experience through their many activities, luxurious facilities and exclusive services.

    That’s why we are always looking forward to the upcoming surprises and innovations that this well-known Resort chain has to offer year after year... oh, and also month after month. 

    So grab your chair, prepare your popcorn and relax as we unveil the exciting features and surprises that Sandals has on sight for 2024.

    What’s new?

    Thanks to the insightful discussion between Gebhard Rainer, Sandals Resorts CEO since 2018, and Travel Market Report, we can now take an inside look at what’s new for the all-inclusive resort chain.

    Expansion Plans

    First of all, one of the main topics was all about... expanding. Expansions are always good, after all, for a theme park or a beach resort. We know that customers love to have more and more destinations to choose from, especially with Sandals Resorts where each destination is unique and offers such an outstanding experience for every guest.

    As per CEO Gebhard Rainer, the company is prioritizing the continual expansion of its resort portfolio. This commitment has been evident with the recent launches of two new resorts (Curaçao and Dunn’s River, Jamaica), and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming addition in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (March 2024).

    What's truly exciting is the introduction of incredible new room categories at these new resorts, such as the Vincy Villas or the Sky Suites. We are pretty sure that guests will have an amazing time staying there!

    Also, there is a new Sandals location that the CEO wanted to keep as a surprise, but he mentioned they are still exploring the possibilities with Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Ohh, we love a good mystery!

    Keeping authenticity is the key

    Sandals have been evolving throughout the years, and Rainer showed it through the trajectory that the resort chain has been experiencing over the years. He also says that they intend to keep rolling the ball on innovation and real all-inclusive services in their upcoming destinations.

    That has been a key element to the success of the company and we agree as well. Guests look forward to enjoying a stress-free vacation, from the planning process (Famvia has your back here) to staying in a nice room and not having to worry about small details.

    This can be achieved thanks to Sandal's all-inclusive policy, which puts aside the worry of having to purchase food, drinks, pool access, etc, and give you the chance to just relax and enjoy the wonderful views each destination has to offer.

    We are confident that the company will continue its excellent work, and we eagerly await the announcement of their upcoming new destination. We can't wait for it! We are pretty sure it will offer an experience that upholds the high standards of service and facilities that Sandals Resorts is renowned for.

    Time for an all-inclusive vacation?

    Contact our team and we will make sure to take care of every step of the planning process for your next vacation! No more stress for 2024, Famvia and Sandals will take care of it all. Do not hesitate to ask any further questions, our team would love to help you in any possible way.

    Until the next one, friend!

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