• Carnival Cruise Line’s Cool Upgrades for 2024!

    Carnival Cruise Line’s Cool Upgrades for 2024!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 26, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 26, 2023

     Carnival Cruise Line’s Cool Upgrades for 2024!

    Excellent news for Carnival Cruise!

    When Christmas is over, we are usually sad after a couple of days when Stana waves goodbye and goes back to the North Pole, but it seems that Carnival Cruise wanted to keep the gifts coming with some good news.

    Are you ready to cruise with Famvia, by the way? We are excited to share with you the latest news from Carnival Cruise Line that will change your day for the better and make it even more special. This one can also affect your decision when it comes to what Cruise Line you should choose in 2024.

    You don't know what are we talking about? Keep reading and check out what's new to start the new year in style.

    Yummy Cooking Fun: Carnival Culinary Center with Chef Emeril Lagasse


    Foodies, are you ready? Carnival Jubilee is going to give us cooking classes! It will be called the Carnival Culinary Center, and guess what? The Chef Emeril Lagasse Picked the recipes, and you will get the chance to make three meals including one of his famous dishes. But, hey, don't worry if you are not planning on choosing the Jubilee, the experience will also be available on Carnival Panorama, Mardi Gras, and Carnival Celebration.

    Fancy VIP Dinner:  Chef Table 2.0


    Who else loves having a delicious meal? This is one of the most unique experiences that Carnival has ever offered, have dinner like if you were there with the Chef! Imagine cocktails, snacks, a kitchen tour, and a delicious dinner. Available on all ships, it will be a special treat for small groups of 14 guests who want to enjoy a fancy food aboard the ship!

    A Tour Before You Sail: Behind The Fun


    If you ever were curious about how everything works on your cruise, you are gonna LOVE the "'Behind The Fun" tour. Carnival Cruise will let you book this before you even get to the ship! You will see the cool stuff that happens behind the scenes or, well, behind the walls of the ships. Don't worry, you'll have an option that saves time as well if you don't want to learn every single detail.

    No More Debarkation Stress: HUB App Feature


    The best news, probably!  Carnival Cruise lines surprised us with a new trick to make the debarkation process much easier. Can you imagine instead of dealing with tags for your bags, you just use the HUB APP? You just need a few clicks to inform the number of baggages you have, the time you want to pick them up, and voilá! Easy peasy!

    This feature is only available on some ships, but it will be good to go on all Carnival Cruises by the end of February.

    The year hasn't even ended, but Carnival Cruise is ready for a MAGNIFIC 2024. What about you, want to set up your cruise for next year? Send us a message, and let us help you out so you can have the trip of your dreams on the high seas.

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