• Carnival Cruise’s Long-Awaited Ship To Host a Huge Fiesta!

    Carnival Cruise’s Long-Awaited Ship To Host a Huge Fiesta!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 20, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 20, 2023

    Carnival Cruise’s Long-Awaited Ship To Host a Huge Fiesta!

    Carnival Cruises is well known for being the hotspot for all cruise lovers, especially those who enjoy a good party and tons of fun aboard, and it seems they want to wrap up the year in style.

    "Christmas is coming to"... Carnival!

    Did you hear that? It looks like Santa’s Reindeers are carrying a ginormous surprise for all cruise lovers this year, any guess of what it may be? It's not an open bar pass for the Carnival Cruise of your choice, what a dream it would be, but it's something just as exciting, and that has kept us spinning and thrilled like a pair of turbines!



    What new ship is ready to go?

    The long-awaited Carnival Jubilee is making an early debut that promises to be a massive celebration and success. We cannot contain ourselves with the excitement that this news brings to us, and we are sure it's altering your brain chemicals as you read it too.

    On December 23rd, Carnival Jubilee, the brand-new ship of Carnival’s Cruise Line, will be rolling out the red carpet for Lone Star Tailgate, which is a Big-Scale deck in the ship’s Lido where a three-hour party will be taking place. 

    Chris Nelson, vice president of entertainment for Carnival Cruise Line describes it as a celebration of family, fun, and fierce competition, which should give us an idea of what to expect aboard.


    carnival party 1.JPG

    An exciting and beloved theme for passengers

    This party exists to celebrate the beautiful state of Texas. Let’s imagine it is an after-game University party, that’s the best way to describe this kick-off cruise celebration. Carnival Jubilee’s party will commemorate the most iconic Texas artists and performers through a well-selected playlist that will delight passengers in different areas of the ship.

    Fun times non-stop aboard the ship

    Not only that, besides the visual festivity that guests will enjoy with the outstanding decoration all over the deck, there is an artistic and vivid space that will require our visual attention too. The live show “Dear Future Husband” will be taking over not only your eyes, but possibly your feet will be possessed by the power of pop hits such as “Moves Like Jagger” (Maroon 5), “Marry You” (Bruno Mars) and more, so start preparing some dance moves because it will be almost impossible to resist a few steps right and left.


    carnival party.JPG

    Are you ready to show off your party side?

    There is no better way to finish off the year than with a Texas-sized party, especially when it's aboard one of the very best ships of Carnival Cruise Line. So, are you ready for some High Seas Texas Spirit?

    Contact us and let us plan your next cruise trip with the fun guys of the cruise industry. There is a reason why their name is “Carnival”, after all. Until the next one!

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