• Check Out Disney Wish’s Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

    Check Out Disney Wish’s Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Dec 28, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 29, 2023

    Check Out Disney Wish’s Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge

    A real space experience 

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    Disney Wish is full of magic, but also full of surprises. Just like this hidden gem on board, a bar from a galaxy far, far away! It's called Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge, a celestial spot blending interstellar wonders and vibrant libations. Drink here, you must (yeah, imagine this on Yoda's voice).

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    You can have this new experience on board, a unique bar aimed at adults on the high seas. And, who knows, maybe you will also find Star Wars fans there to discuss their favorite movie in the series? There's only one answer, guys, it's The Empire Strikes Back.

    An interesting thing to have in mind is that you don’t need any reservations to come here, this is something good, maybe you're feeling like you want to visit a Cantina like Luke in Episode IV and it's time for a Galactic Drink. No worries, this isn't as dangerous as the Mos Eisley Cantina from Episode IV.

    Limited Time 

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    There is a catch, however. Guests are not allowed to spend more than 45 minutes here, so everybody has the chance to come and visit. This time limit will make sure that each traveler experiences the wonders of hyperspace without disrupting the cosmic flow.

    This bar is not as spacious as some bars in Tatooine, with seating limited to 30-40 people. The lounge, however, maintains an intimate atmosphere.

    The Mixology

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    You can find numerous drinks and cocktails here, even a special one: at the top of the cosmic menu is a $5,000 cocktail, adding a touch of luxury to the galactic experience. Wow, I don't even think that Jabba the Hutt would be able to afford that one.

    Morder Menu

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    Checking your menu is super easy with these tablets, so you can sit down, order and receive your drinks as soon as they are ready!  

    Star Wars Hyperspace Loung

    Don’t panic if you don’t feel so comfy in your seat, because it's strategically made for you to leave anytime so you can lend your place to someone else.

    Now you are ready to find the cosmic bar at Disney Wish, while discovering the wonders of the Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge. Try as many cocktails as you can, and book your next trip with Famvia! And remember: Han shot first.

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