• Enjoy a HOLIDAY Journey Across Europe Aboard Disney Cruises

    Enjoy a HOLIDAY Journey Across Europe Aboard Disney Cruises

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 27, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 27, 2023

    Enjoy a HOLIDAY Journey Across Europe Aboard Disney Cruises

    Still not sure about what Holiday activities are the best options for you and your family?

    Maybe the kids want to feel the thrill that a cruise vacation offers onboard, and on the other hand, adults may want to visit some Christmas marketplaces, which are popular in this special time of year. However, these two activities are pretty hard to mix in a single trip... or that was what many of us thought, until now!

    The best of both worlds in one place!

    Would you believe me if I told you that now you can have it all? Yes, I know, I’m not a genie or a fairy godmother, but I know of someone that can make your dreams come true! Adventures by Disney have a special surprise for all Disney fans. Now you can enjoy the best of the two worlds, sea and firm land adventure in one wholesome vacation.


    DCL Wish 2.webp

    Christmas Magical Voyages have arrived

    Adventures by Disney offers unique adventures for this Christmas season, where passengers can fulfill their time with some cultural enrichment across the most picturesque European cities while exploring the vibrant Christmas markets in each one. It's an unique opportunity to immerse into the sparkly decorations and vibrant atmospheres unique to this festive season.

    Which options do you have for this Holiday Season?

    Adventures offers River cruises through all the most important and joyful countries across Europe, which are divided into the following two adventures that include the most beloved Christmas markets:


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    Rhine River Cruise:

    • Number of cruise days: 8-day itinerary
    • Countries planned to visit: France, Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands
    • Special spots to visit during each stop: 
      Christmas Markets (Colmar, France), Cheese Museum (Colmar, France), Heidelberg Castle (Heidelberg, Germany), Capital of Christmas (Strasbourg, France), and so much more!

    Travelers will get to enjoy a magical journey, from city to city while enjoying a visual festival thanks to the mesmerizing decorations that will catch their attention. This all starts from the moment they step onto the ship, which is prepared to serve guests an effortless journey carefully planned for all ages and likeness. This will surely create special memories that deserve a place in your family album. 


    Xmas DCL.webp


    Danube River Cruise:

    • Number of cruise days: 8-day itinerary
    • Countries planned to visit: Austria, Germany, and Hungary.
    • Special spots to visit during each stop: Schönbrunn Palace (Vienna, Austria), Special Carriage Ride (Budapest, Hungary), Authentic Oktoberfest Celebration (Germany), and much more!

    What better way to enjoy breathtaking landmarks across the most iconic cities of Europe than aboard the most magical cruise line of all!

    Adventures by Disney is waiting for you, and don’t worry if you can’t make it this year: 2024 is the year when your dreams come true! With just a few clicks here and there you can be part of this magical and cultural expedition. Book now your favorite departure for winter 2024!

    Contact us and let us help you get the best option for you and your family, so you can enjoy this wonderful experience as soon as possible. Don't be shy, send us your questions and we will handle it all from here.

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