• Disney’s Castaway Cay Has NEW Character Outfits!

Disney’s Castaway Cay Has NEW Character Outfits!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 04, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2024

Disney’s Castaway Cay Has NEW Character Outfits!

NEW OUTFITS for your favorite Disney Character!

Disney’s private Island, Castaway Cay, is exclusive for Disney Cruise Line guests. We can assure you it has everything to make you happy, with white sand beaches, crystal-clear waters and, of course, plenty of DISNEY CHARACTERS!

The good news is that, beginning this weekend, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, and their beloved friends will unveil brand-new beach-inspired outfits. These vibrant and playful ensembles are designed to celebrate the joyous and colorful moments found in this tropical paradise.

This looks so cool and they look super stylish! Donald is a sailor, Daisy looks super cute and Pluto is... Pluto, I guess. Sorry, friend.

Does Minnie wear swimsuits?

Yesss! Mickey and Minnie are ready to welcome you on a special day with their best friends, sporting new swimwear with the iconic colors of Disney Cruise Line. You can also notice some details on Mickey's outfit that, according to Disney Cruise Line, hide secret meanings...

Can you guess what it is? Well, it’s a tribute to the first time we saw Mickey on a boat, in the classic cartoon Steamboat Willie, which just entered the public domain in 2024.

Minnie, on the other hand, is stunning in her rainbow dress complemented by chic sunglasses. Of course, no Minnie ensemble is complete without her iconic bow adorning the top left corner, and let's not overlook the charming wheel detail on her ribbon belt.

Hold on, there is more!

Naturally, Daisy didn't miss out on updating her outfit as well, opting for a coordinated look with Donald. They're all set for a beach day, with Daisy donning a cool sunbathing dress, a pink beach hat, and stylish sandals, while Donald sports a shirt reminiscent of his sailor days.

Goofy has a new look too with his bucket hat, so he is ready to play beach volleyball, racket ball, or even go fishing. The shirt is so colorful and makes us think about Goofy's... goofy... personality.


Before you go, look at Chip and Dale. These two are ready to create adventures with you and, as usual, they come in duos even for the outfits. They are pirates this time, in very bright colors. It does go well with their mischievous nature.


If you have a visit to Castaway Cay scheduled on your next Disney Cruise, be ready to some pictures and appreciate these brand-new looks! We can also help you get there. Send us a message if you need any help, and we will certainly lend you a hand.

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