• Disney Wish Has a Wonderland Cinema Inside the Ship!

Disney Wish Has a Wonderland Cinema Inside the Ship!

Gabriela V.

Created: Mar 26, 2024

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2024

Disney Wish Has a Wonderland Cinema Inside the Ship!

Disney Cruises offers a real movie experience!

When you purchase a ticket for the Disney Wish cruise, you're not just gaining access to a typical cruise experience, you're embarking on a cinematic journey. Passengers can immerse themselves in the magic of movies in two uniquely themed cinemas onboard: Wonderland and Neverland

Yep, I guess they are inspired by Alice and Peter Pan! These boutique cinemas redefine the movie-going experience at sea by offering Dolby Atmos 3D audio, ensuring an unforgettable cinematic adventure for all aboard.

Disney Wish Wonderland Cinema inside.webp

Wonderland Cinema

Located on deck 4 forward on the port side, the Wonderland Cinema whisks viewers away to the amazing (and crazy) world of "Alice in Wonderland." With whimsical nods to the beloved characters and settings of the story, guests can immerse themselves in the woodland-themed space and get lost in the magic of cinema. Accommodating up to 84 guests, the Wonderland Cinema promises an intimate viewing experience filled with wonder and delight.

Disney Wish Wonderland Cinema entrance.webp

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Neverland Cinema

On the starboard side of deck 4 forward, the Neverland Cinema awaits, inspired by Peter Pan's iconic journey from London to Neverland. Guests at the Neverland Cinema can be enticed to explore other magical movies such as Skull Rock and Mermaid Lagoon, while the venue's night-sky palette glimmers with the beautiful shimmer of Tinker Bell's wings. With a capacity of up to 86 guests, the Neverland Cinema invites you to embark on your own flight of fantasy through the captivating power of film.

Despite their smaller size compared to the Buena Vista Theaters found on other Disney cruise ships, the Wonderland and Neverland cinemas boast impressive theming and state-of-the-art audio technology. Featuring added legroom and comfortable seating reminiscent of the Walt Disney Theater, these cinemas provide a cozy setting for movie buffs of all ages.

Whether you're catching a late-night showing or seeking a cinematic adventure during the day, the Disney Wish cinemas promise an unforgettable experience at sea.


Disney Wish Neverland Cinema entrance.webp

What about you, any movie you'd love to watch while aboard a cruise ship? I think Wish would be fun to watch in a cruise cinema, since it's such an amazing fantasy that shares the same name of this ship. I probably wouldn't want to watch The Little Mermaid, tough, I wouldn't want to watch a movie that takes place under the sea, if you get my meaning...

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