• Interested in Castaway Club with Disney Cruise Line?

    Interested in Castaway Club with Disney Cruise Line?

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Mar 27, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

    Interested in Castaway Club with Disney Cruise Line?

    Exploring Disney Cruise Line's Castaway Club, their Loyalty Program


    When you sail with Disney Cruise Line multiple times, you'll receive special rewards through the Castaway Club loyalty program. What's great about Disney is that, unlike some other cruise lines that tally the nights you've sailed, Disney's program rewards you based on the number of cruises you've taken.

    You become a Silver Castaway Club member as soon as you finish your first cruise. You might be wondering what you win with this, huh? Well, this gets you perks like early booking and special messages from Disney... and maybe even Mickey Mouse himself. When you take more cruises, you move up to Gold, Platinum, and the newest level... Pearl! Yeah, Pearl is top tier, reserved only for those who know the cruise ships with the palm of their hands.

    For example, Gold members, who are the ones who have been on five cruises, get to book early and attend special events on board. Platinum members are the ones who have been on ten cruises and get extra bonuses like free meals at fancy restaurants. The top level, Pearl, is for those who have done 25 or more cruises. They get really special treats, like a free photo package, for example.

    At Disney Cruise Line, all Castaway Club members can celebrate significant milestones, such as reaching 50 cruises, with the prize of having their family name displayed on Disney Castaway Cay. Seriously, this is super cool! imagine being immortalized like this? 

    Remember, benefits may change, so stay updated with announcements from Disney Cruise Line, and of course, Famvia will keep you informed of any updates!

    Rewards Pass = Travel Rewards

    Rewards Pass = Travel Rewards

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