• Meet Your Favorite Characters Aboard Disney Cruise Line!

    Meet Your Favorite Characters Aboard Disney Cruise Line!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 08, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 12, 2024

    Meet Your Favorite Characters Aboard Disney Cruise Line!

    Everyone has a new goal for this New Year. Some may start by getting into a more healthy lifestyle (runDisney Marathon may be a good option for starters!), while others may want to have more fun at Disney parks. There are also the ones that wish to meet their favorite Disney characters in an unique experience. Guess what, Disney Cruise Line is the perfect place to make all those dreams come true!

    Embark on a magical adventure

    Disney has always been known not only for the great amount of fun and innovation that it offers to their visitors, but also for their remarkable and well-known characters who have become the darlings of fans throughout the years. Mickey is one of them, plus the iconic princesses who have been making history and creating great memories in the hearts of the little ones (and the young at heart).

    Characters DCL Disney Cruise Line (3).webp

    So, when visiting a Disney complex, like the Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, or Disney Resort hotels, one expects to bump into some of the characters that may be walking around. However, would you expect them to travel with you across the sea?

    Disney Magic is available at Sea too!

    Well, good news! Disney has enough life preservers for everyone! Passengers of Disney Cruise Line have the possibility of crossing paths with their favorite Disney characters (even from the moment of their arrival). Now this sounds like a great time.

    It’s a win-win, yep. If you have never enjoyed a cruise experience aboard one of the most magical cruises of all time and want to take a memorable photo next to Mickey, or the princesses, then all you have to do is book a DCL Cruise as soon as possible. 

    Famvia has your back on that one, so do not worry about it.

    Characters you may spot

    How can it be a Sea adventure without Captain Jack Sparrow?

    He may be walking around the beach looking for treasures and having fun! You can ask for a pic that will definitely be the hot topic back home.

    DCL Characers (5).webp

    Once upon a time, there were some princesses walking around to find some special friends on Deck 4… this could be your fairy story when walking around the DCL ships’ decks where you could stumble upon your favorite princess!

    Characters DCL Disney Cruise Line (2).webp

    Have your camera ready 24/7, you never know when a princess may be crossing your way!

    We can't forget that Captain Mickey is ready to embark on a fun adventure with a splash of magic at DCL. You can also meet his beloved friends

    Hey, Pluto, wait for me!

    DCL Characters (1).webp

    This New Year is the perfect opportunity to fill out your calendar with fun activities and memorable moments, in the one and only Disney Cruise Line.

    Characters DCL Disney Cruise Line (1).webp

    Let us plan your next adventure, and enjoy a stress-free vacation with a few clicks here and there. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, our team will be happy to make everything easier for you!

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