• Did You Know There Is a Nursery Inside Disney Magic?

    Did You Know There Is a Nursery Inside Disney Magic?

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Jan 05, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 04, 2024

    Did You Know There Is a Nursery Inside Disney Magic?

    Getting on a Disney Cruise is a dream come true, especially for kids. Sometimes, however, parents also need a little break, and Disney Magic knows that well. That's why when you embark on Disney Magic you will find this awesome place for your little ones!

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    The wonderful world of "It's a Small World Children's Nursery" aboard Disney Magic is a great place for children. This one is a dedicated space that makes sure that even the youngest cruisers have a magical experience tailored just for them and, of course, parents can rest a little bit.

    Leaving my child in someone else’s care!?

    We are aware that this is a difficult decision to make. You are leaving your child with someone else, but you don’t need to feel bad, because we are on vacation too and you are trusting your child to the caring hands of Disney's trained childcare professionals

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    The nursery is equipped with age-appropriate toys, games, and activities that engage and entertain, creating a world of wonder for your little one and giving you some extra time so you can go to a fancy restaurant or rest for a few hours.

    The decoration here is full of drawings inspired by the beloved "It's a Small World" ride. Your children will love the colorful and playful atmosphere that is waiting for them! The professionals will make sure that each child receives individualized attention and care, fostering a sense of comfort and security.

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    Parents can take advantage of the nursery's convenient operating hours, while you can have a dinner, a private bath, a massage, catch a Broadway-style show, or partake in adult-exclusive activities aboard the ship. The nursery is there just to make you enjoy the cruise even more!

    We recommend you make a reservation in advance, because the "It's a Small World Children's Nursery" gets crowded very easily. Sailing on the Disney Magic becomes an even more memorable experience when every member of the family, no matter how small, is catered to with the utmost care and magic.

    What about you, ready to set up the trip of your dreams? Send us a message, and you can start the Magic right here with Famvia.

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