• Serenity Bay, the New Year’s Getaway by DCL

    Serenity Bay, the New Year’s Getaway by DCL

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 05, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 08, 2024

    Serenity Bay, the New Year’s Getaway by DCL

    After a fast-paced season during Christmas time, most families are looking for a relaxing moment to enjoy the New Year. 

    Disney Cruise Line offers the perfect retreat destination for all who seek a quiet yet fun time adequate for all family members. Let’s discover more about this incredible 2024 opportunity!

    A Private Island with everything you need…

    Disney Castaway Cay is the must-see destination for all Bahamaina or Caribbean cruises of Disney Cruise Line (DCL), where family and friends get to enjoy the many commodities and fun activities that this private Disney Island has to offer to all guests.

    SERENITY BAY DCL (3).webp

    Having fun at a world-class beach was never this easy! Now, thanks to Disney Cruises, you can get all the fun that this incredible island offers, like snorkeling and discovering the marine life of the crystal clear waters. Or maybe you prefer the all–you–can–eat lunch plus a refreshing ice-cream! If that sounds like paradise, it's because it is just that.

    Adults-only Experience!

    There is a special getaway perfect for all young by heart who want to enjoy some alone time and experience a well-deserved relaxing time. 

    We are talking about Serenity Bay, a +18 spot that is ideal for an escapee when going to Castaway Cay. Adults get to indulge in a Caribbean experience by themselves with delicious beverage specialties offered at the Castaway Air Bar.

    SERENITY BAY DCL (1).webp

    Or maybe you rather get a dreamy sleep in every displayed hammock around the beach while listening to the calming sound of the ocean… Hello, calling planet Earth, we know you started daydreaming about it, and we can't blame you!

    I know we haven’t answered the most important question of all. What about the kids?! 

    Disney knows how important it is to guarantee the kids' safety, that’s why while you get a wonderful and relaxing time at Serenity Bay, kids will be enjoying an incredible time at Scuttle’s Cove. This is a youth programming that is compromised in keeping little ones well-being, while allowing them to enjoy fun activities during their time there.

    There are no excuses to not gift yourselves a stress-free time and recover some energy for this New Year.

    SERENITY BAY DCL (2).webp

    Embark on this relaxing adventure!

    Disney Cruise Line is ready for you, and Serenity Bay is the ideal destination in 2024, do not miss it. Let us help you enjoy stress-free moments from the moment you start planning. Send us a message, and let us get you inside one of those Disney cruises. Hey, maybe you can even share a piña colada with Mickey.

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