• Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels 20 Voyages in 2025

    Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels 20 Voyages in 2025

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Apr 11, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 11, 2024

    Norwegian Cruise Line Cancels 20 Voyages in 2025

    Safety comes first

    I've got some surprising news for you: War is bad, folks. It doesn't just hurt those living in conflict zones, it also has a ripple effect on the entire economy and even reaches into the entertainment industry.

    Many cruises scheduled to traverse the Red Sea in 2025 are either canceling or rerouting their entire itineraries. In case you're not aware, the Red Sea crisis commenced in October 2023, triggered by the Houthi movement in Yemen launching missiles and armed drones at Israel. Safety concerns prompted numerous cruise lines to scrap their Red Sea voyages and focus on other regions instead. Additionally, increased demand for cruises in the Bahamas and the United States contributed to the decision to cancel certain voyages.

    Norwegian Gem Cruise.webp

    One cruise line that has canceled several voyages is Norwegian Cruise Line. According to reports, the canceled sailings are as follows:

    • Norwegian Epic (3 departure dates: 2/20/25, 11/1/25/, 11/11/25)
    • Norwegian Jade (4 departure dates: 3/4/25, 3/13/25, 3/24/25)
    • Norwegian Pearl (4 departure dates: 4/19/25, 5/5/25, 5/16/25, 10/15/25)
    • Norwegian Sky (2 departure dates: 5/27/25, 6/5/25)
    • Norwegian Spirit (2 departure dates: 1/1/25, 5/17/25)
    • Norwegian Star (3 departure dates: 5/18/25, 5/29/25, 6/9/25)
    • Norwegian Viva (3 departure dates: 5/27/25, 9/20/25, 9/29/25)

    Relax, Norwegian Cruise has your back

    Guests who were booked on canceled sailings will receive a full refund for their trip. As a gesture of goodwill, Norwegian Cruise Line is also offering a 10% Future Cruise Credit, which can be applied toward any sailing departing by December 31, 2025. Norwegian may also reach out to offer a similar itinerary if available, as an alternative to the canceled trip.

    Of course that having a trip canceled is always a bummer, but it makes complete sense in that case to try and avoid areas that can signify a risk to passengers. Let’s also hope for a swift resolution to the situation in the Red Sea, one that avoids any further loss of innocent lives.

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