• Create New Happy Memories on this RIDE at Disneyland!

    Create New Happy Memories on this RIDE at Disneyland!

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 29, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 31, 2024

    Create New Happy Memories on this RIDE at Disneyland!

    Did you know there is an exciting ride inspired by one of our favorite Disney movies at Disneyland? The Inside Out world has come to life with the most exciting and thrilling spins that will make you want to go there over and over again.

    Pixar Pier Disneyland (2).webp

    Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind

    Located in the fabulous Disney California Adventure Park, specifically at Pixar Pier, is a thrilling yet family-friendly ride that allows guests to get a closer look at Riley’s Emotions by stepping into their workplace. They are all there! Sadness, Joy, Anger, Fear, and, my personal favorite, Disgust

    inside out ride disnyeland (2).webp

    What to expect from this ride?

    As you enter Pixar Pier, you can enjoy the blend of aesthetic and creativity that surrounds each of the attractions that can be found there. Vibrant colors, beloved characters all around and dimensional shapes are some of the creative characteristics that imbue every ride, including Inside Out.

    Pixar Pier Disneyland (1).webp

    However, the true emotional roller coaster starts right at the queue, when a visual feast waits for you when looking at the big Memory Movers, which are going to act as vehicles for each guest.

    There are a total of 8 memory movers that will allow you to create new memories while enjoying this kid-friendly ride. Once you go past the queue, you hop in the emotion that is assigned to you and start ascending to Riley’s mind. 

    inside out ride disnyeland (1).webp

    Right after that, you will be spinning and spinning through all the vibrant shelves that surround the workplace of Riley’s emotions. It's truly a joyful moment to experience with your loved ones.

    Pixar Pier Disneyland (3).webp

    Heads up, it's necessary to wait a bit

    I know you cannot contain the excitement to experience this wonderful attraction right away but, unfortunately, it's closed for now due to refurbishment.

    But, hey, do not let Sadness or Fear win you over, tell Joy she can be in charge now, because Famvia will update you right away when the attraction is back on track. 

    Pixar Pier Disneyland2.webp

    Also, when contacting our team, besides planning the best Disney trip you could ever imagine, we will suggest other cool attractions at Pixar Pier that will make your experience a memorable one.

    Disneyland is waiting for you, are you ready?

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