• Enjoy This Restaurant At Disney Where Mickey is the Chef

    Enjoy This Restaurant At Disney Where Mickey is the Chef

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 18, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 19, 2024

    Enjoy This Restaurant At Disney Where Mickey is the Chef

    Visiting Disney World can be more than just a fun experience... it can and it should be an exquisite one! Food and beverages are also one of the specialties that Disney is proud to have mastered throughout the years, and guests have witnessed the unique options that can be found in all the parks for years and years.

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (3).webp

    However, there is a special spot that has transported us on a magic journey meal after meal, bite after bite, and we cannot contain our excitement to share it with you! Or maybe to remind you how incredible it is (in case you have already visited it) and wish to revive the experience one more time.

    The best chef of all time

    In so many restaurants it is common to call the chef to congratulate him for such a special meal. However, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, there is a special restaurant where the chefs are so amicable and joyful that they make sure to visit each table and bring a cheerful energy to everyone.

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (4).webp

    We are talking about “Chef Mickey’s” a magical place where Mickey Mouse and his friends have prepared a delicious buffet that is available for breakfast or dinner. It's up to you at what time you wish to enjoy a delightful meal.

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (2).webp

    What to expect?

    When enjoying your yummy meal, you will get an amazing autographed card signed by your beloved Disney characters. There is also always music filling the restaurant, which perfectly fits the atmosphere as Mickey & friends have a happy time moving through tables and waving hi to all guests.

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (5).webp

    And you may be wondering about the mouthwatering options that Chef Mickey highly suggests, here are some of them:

    • Vegetable Frittata
    • Buttermilk Biscuits and Gravy
    • Warm Bread Pudding

    There is also an exquisite menu waiting for you during breakfast or dinner time, from smoked bacon to baked macaroni and cheese, they will surely make your visit a delightful experience.

    Chef Mickey's Disney world (6.webp

    Do you want a sneak peek of the delicious menu?

    Contact our team and they will make sure to give you the full list of options, plus some yummy suggestions that will make your Disney visit a memorable experience for your family and friends. We are waiting for you, friend. Until the next one!

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