• Food HIGHLIGHTS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    Food HIGHLIGHTS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 19, 2024

    Last Updated: Jan 19, 2024

    Food HIGHLIGHTS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    It feels like yesterday when we visited the 2024 edition of the most artistic and creative event of the year at EPCOT. Yes! We are talking about the Festival of the Arts, which is celebrated every year in one of our favorite parks in Disney World.

    It is certainly a huge celebration filled with vibrant colors, music everywhere and art displays in every corner. From the impressive dancers that showcase their talent on the stage to the delicious and unique culinary options that delight our taste buds, this is certainly a very festive atmosphere.

    French booth FARTS 2024 EPCOT (2).webp

    From snacks to meals

    The culinary art made a big statement on this cheerful celebration, allowing guests to rejoice in an international gastronomical journey while enjoying several attractions and live arts that were being displayed throughout the park. It was truly a magical and yummy experience!

    Painted Panda FARTS 2024 EPCOT (1).webp

    Let’s unwrap our top food-related choices from the vast variety that was offered in the festival. Choosing the best ones wasn’t easy (we wanted to try everything, and almost did so) but our top choices are the ones that impressed our tummies the most.

    El Artista Hambriento

    The Carne Asada here was too good to be true! 

    El artista hambriento FARTS 2024 EPCOT  (2).webp

    The plate was well prepared and the explosion of flavor was truly magical. It came with grilled queso fresco (fresh cheese), a Nopales salad (a very typical ingredient of Mexico’s gastronomy) topped with queso fresco foam, and some sprinkles of Chicharron dust. A mouthwatering option that took us to a traditional Fondita in Mexico, leaving us very satisfied.

    El artista hambriento FARTS 2024 EPCOT  (3).webp

    Continuing to show off the traditional cooking style of the Mexican culture, the menu also offered a Tostada de Langosta, which consists of a fried corn Tortilla topped with Guacamole, chilled Lobster, onion, mango, and more ingredients that made us pretty happy. It was good, sure, but from this booth, The Carne Asada still holds the gold medal.

    El artista hambriento FARTS 2024 EPCOT  (1).webp

    L’art de la Cuisine Francaise

    Then we decided to move on the World Showcase and head France. We ended up falling in love with everything here, just as if we were setting foot in Paris.

    French booth FARTS 2024 EPCOT (1).webp

    The main character from the menu was a refreshing Frozen French Martini, which not only refreshed us after walking all morning, but it delighted us with an explosion of flavors given by the delicious fruits that accompanied the mix.  

    French booth FARTS 2024 EPCOT (3).webp

    The different types of Vodkas merged perfectly with the bloom of the pineapple, oranges, grape juice plus lemon-lime foam.

    We also tried out different food options from their menu, like the Creme de Brie en Petit Pain...

    French booth FARTS 2024 EPCOT (4).webp

    And the sweetlicious Moelleux aux Noisettes. They were also good.

    French booth FARTS 2024 EPCOT (5).webp

    The Painted Panda

    Our last stop was in China, where we encountered one of the seven wonders (and we are not talking about the Great Wall). The Char Siu Pork Bun blew our minds. 

    Painted Panda FARTS 2024 EPCOT (5).webp

    The flavors were incredible, plus the great textures that accompanied each bite made it a whole culinary experience for every guest that tried it out (including us).

    Painted Panda FARTS 2024 EPCOT (3).webp

    We also tried out the Sesame Balls, which had a great crunch, plus a refreshing drink that gave us a good end to our mouthwatering experience.

    Painted Panda FARTS 2024 EPCOT (4).webp

    Festival of the Arts is just starting at EPCOT, and it will be open for visitors until February 19th, 2024. Contact our team now, and let us take you to this artsy experience. We can even give you a full guide to get the most out of this festival!

    Until the next one, dear friend.

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