• Everything You Need To Know about the Disney Skyliner

Everything You Need To Know about the Disney Skyliner

Jennifer Alejandra M.

Created: Apr 23, 2024

Last Updated: May 21, 2024

Everything You Need To Know about the Disney Skyliner

A fun way to get to your destination

Walt Disney World, known by many as the Happiest Place on Earth, is an extensive resort filled with castles, whimsical rides, beautiful characters, and even floating transportation. No, we’re not talking about a magic carpet like the one in Aladdin. Or special wings that will take you wherever you go. Those would be pretty nice, tough. 

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The Disney Skyliner is a floating gondola that carries part of the Disney magic. This fun and entertaining way of transportation will take you in a snap of fingers (it almost feels like that) to your favorite destination around Disney parks. But before you hop on this new adventure, let’s take a look at some important details before your next visit to Disney World.

Important details for the Disney Skyliner 

Like other transportation options around the park (such as boats, buses, or the railroad), you'll find Skyliner stations at various spots throughout the park area, including resorts, rides, and restaurants. However, when you're enjoying attractions and treats, maximizing your time becomes a priority.

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This is why it's important to know in advance where you can specifically find these fun gondolas and where they can take you around the park. Taking note of this important piece of information will help you make the most out of your visit and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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What is the Skyliner schedule?

It's important to keep in mind the time available for you to move wherever you wish, especially if you want to catch the sunset from up there. It's such a cool experience! The gondola stations open an hour before the Early Theme Park Entry begins at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or EPCOT.

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Once yo uare done having fun in Disney, you'll have only 90 minutes to catch the gondola after the parks have closed (Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT). If EPCOT is offering extended evening hours, the gondolas will close an hour after the park closes. During these extended hours, the only route available will be to Disney’s Riviera Resort.

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The other ones will be close, which is understandable. I mean, it is pretty late by that time.

Where can I take it?

If you're staying at one of the following hotels, this artsy and magical gondola will connect you to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, specifically at the International Gateway.

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The hotels you can take the gondolas from are:

  • Disney’s Pop Century Resort
  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

Ready to try it on your next adventure?

Certainly, there is no better view from the park than above the ground. So, make sure not to miss out on this fun mode of transportation on your next visit. We're here to assist you with tips and comprehensive guides to help you make the most of this experience and enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends. 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask! Our team is more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Until the next one, dear friend!

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