• What is Disney's Ride Switch Service?

    What is Disney's Ride Switch Service?

    Luiz Alberto H.

    Created: Feb 06, 2024

    Last Updated: May 28, 2024

    What is Disney's Ride Switch Service?

    Ever wanted to experience Tron Lightcycle Run with your family, but you have a younger brother that can’t go there since he is still pretty young and not tall enough to ride it? Phew, even your grandpa would love to ride it, but he doesn’t want to leave your little bro alone. Oh god, what now?

    Relax, Mickey thought about everything so you can always have a great time. Disney created an easy way for everyone to experience the rides they want to go in a very fast and easy way, even if you have a party member that just can’t enter a particular attraction. All you have to do is talk to a Cast Member in front of the attraction you want to ride and tell them you want to use the Ride Switch Service.

    The Ride Switch Service separates your party into two groups. Group 1 enters the attraction normally, while Group 2 stays outside with the young party member that can’t ride it for whatever reason. Group 1 rides it normally and comes out. Group 1 now takes care of the young guest, while Group 2 enters the attraction through the Lightning Queue, even if they never had Disney Genie+ for it or bought an individual Lightning Queue!

    Just remember a few things:

    • A maximum of three party members can use the Ride Switch Service at the same time, which means that a maximum of three guests can enter the Lightning Queue as part of Group 2.
    • If there was a single person taking care of the young party member in Group 2, this person can take a single person from Group 1 to ride with them! This means that, yes, a lucky person in Group 1 could ride an awesome attraction two times in a row: once using the regular queue and then using the Lightning Lane.
    • The Ride Switch Service is available during Early Entry and After Hours.

    Remy's Ratatouille Adventure  EPCOT.webp

    Let’s give another example to make sure you understand how the Ride Switch Service works.

    The Simpsons family decides to visit Animal Kingdom. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are all there. They have a great time checking all the animals, and now they want to ride Expedition Everest, a roller coaster with a height requirement of 44″ (112 cm).

    Maggie, a very cute baby, can’t ride this awesome coaster, but Bart, Lisa and both Homer and Maggie really want to go and face the Yeti. So they decide to talk to a Cast Member in front of the entrance to Expedition Everest and inform that they want to make use of the Ride Switch Service.

    The Cast Member smiles and says that this is perfectly fine. He asks who will stay outside with Maggie first, and Marge promptly says that she will stay with the baby. Maybe Marge will take a few pictures or eat popcorn. Homer, Bart and Lisa can go first! This means that Homer, Bart and Lisa are part of Group 1, while Marge is part of Group 2. The Cast Member scans Marge’s ticket (or her Magic Band) and gives her priority access as she is now part of the Ride Switch Service.

    Group 1 enters Expedition Everest through the regular queue and rides it normally. Homer, Bart and Lisa have a great time riding Expedition Everest and they barely escape from the Yeti. Once they come out, it’s their time to stay with Maggie and take care of her. Marge scans her ticket (or Magic Band) and she can now use the Lightning Queue, which will cut down time by a lot.


    But wait…! Marge is a single person in Group 2, which means someone in Group 1 can join her. I mean, it’s usually pretty boring to ride a great roller coaster alone, right? So she asks Group 1 if anyone wants to go again and Bart says that he wants to come. So Bart now joins Group 2, they look for a Cast Member and both enter Expedition Everest through the Lightning Queue.

    Easy, right? Here is a rundown of how to use the Ride Switch Service.

    1. Approach the Cast Member in front of a ride with your entire party and say you want to use the Ride Switch Service.
    2. Choose one or more party members to stay outside with the young guest or the guest that doesn’t want to ride. This will be Group 2. Group 1 will enter the queue and ride it normally.
    3. Once Group 1 is out, it’s time for Group 2 to ride it through the Lightning Queue.
    4. Done! Again, remember that a maximum of three guests can enter the Lightning Queue if they are part of Group 2, and if Group 2 has a single person taking care of the young guests, they can pick a single person from Group 1 to ride with them.

    Easy, right? Not only can the Simpsons family enjoy Expedition Everest now, but you can go there as well and experience one of the best roller coasters in Disney World! Send us a message, and let Famvia handle everything for you. See ya!

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