• Food alert: what to expect from the upcoming Zootopia land?

    Food alert: what to expect from the upcoming Zootopia land?

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Dec 11, 2023

    Last Updated: Dec 11, 2023

    Food alert: what to expect from the upcoming Zootopia land?

    Attention Disney Fans! I know we have been a little caught up with all the latest Christmas shows, events, surprises, and of course, the special and delicious food that has been making headlines all around Disney World in these past few weeks. 

    That doesn’t mean we have forgotten about an important upcoming new land that will be opening sooner than later at Disney. We are talking about Shanghai Disney Resort, where a huge surprise is ready to launch before Santa arrives and drops down your chimney.

    Zootopia Land is coming to town

    Zootopia Land is an ambitious project that is intended to bring joy and a new experience to all Disney fans, who are going to be able to be near their favorite characters in this wonderful and unique world.

    You know what's also fun? Zootopia is almost 100% confirmed to be coming to Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom sometime in the future, so there is a good chance we will see all those snacks in Florida as well.

    There is a question that I know a lot of you may be asking. “What about the food?” “What can we expect from the new land menu?”. "Any Zootopia related snacks?" 


    zootopia food.JPG

    So, hold on to your chair dear Foodie, because now we want to share with you some juicy information about the Zootopia-themed food that is going to be available as soon as the new land launches on December 20th, 2023

    New spots will be available soon...

    Let us break down the new Snack Spots that you will find at the upcoming Zootopia Land, and some of the delicious treats that are going to delight your taste buds in this new experience: 

    Jumbeaux’s Cafe

    • The Big Donut (made out of chocolate)
    • The Mini Big Donut (a smaller and cute version of the big one)
    • Judy’s Waffle accompanied with Ginger Flavored Ice Cream
    • Lemming Marshmallow
    • Hot Chocolate with your favorite characters' hot beverage cup
    • Chocolate Marshmallow & Mini Chocolate Bar, and more...
    zootopia food 1.JPG

    Zootopia Market

    • Disney Zootopia Pawsicle (in different presentations)
    • Carrot shaped lollipop
    • Gazelle cotton candy
    • Corn-flavored popcorn
    • The police officer badge Chocolate Bar, and more…


    zootopia food 2.JPG

    Someone please call Chief Bogo and Officer Clawhauser, because these new snacks are so cute and delish... that should be illegal. We can’t wait to taste ALL of them already! Tell us which one are you more excited to try out! Send us a message as well if you are hyped about this new land and want to plan your next visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. Until next time!

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