• Inside EPCOT’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Recap

    Inside EPCOT’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Recap

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 04, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Inside EPCOT’s New Year’s Eve Celebration Recap

    A magical New Year's night was celebrated at the futuristic and fun spot of Disney, EPCOT, and we could not be more excited to share with you what thousands of guests got to experience to wrap up 2023.

    What’s the main show at the park?

    The New Year’s main attraction is the massive firework show, “Cheers to the New Year: A Sparkling Celebration!”. Everybody gathers around the lagoon to wait for the show to start. It is a great idea to grab a spot with plenty of time left before the main show starts, and a lot of Disney fans already know that! It's certainly a good way to get the best seats in the house to enjoy the last EPCOT fireworks show of the year.


    The show was so shocking in the best possible way. Guests got to enjoy a mix of laser lights that moved in motion, creating images that resembled a structure moving across the lake that kept changing colors and splashing water here and there. Of course that there were nonstop fireworks, that only got louder as the New Year arrived. One of the best experiences for many folks in 2023, that's for sure. I mean, EPCOT always knows how to create a memorable moment for everyone.

    Before the countdown even started, there were tons of mini-parties taking place in each of the countries across the World Showcase. Okay, they weren't so mini, especially in Italy which was one of the crowdest spots in the park before midnight. Each country celebrated the countdown with its own staff, like in the United Kingdom which was already in 2024 while the rest of the park was still in 2023, that was a nice touch!

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    Guests were able to enjoy a silent disco, where attendants received headphones and enjoyed a silent yet fun party, or moved to a thrilling DJ set with incredible music and motion lights that created that festive, perfect atmosphere for everyone.

    Should I stay in the car?

    Believe us, even though we have thought of it, there are better options to enjoy the New Year. The majority of guests prefer to stay in Disney hotels that are near the park so they can move from one spot to another without worrying about the way back to their room, or even crowded theme parks. That's also way easier if any kind of emergency happens out of nowhere.

    We can give you a few suggestions in case you want to receive 2025 in this incredible place, it's never too soon to book for an important event such as this one.


    Contact us and we will let you know how to enjoy the EPCOT Magic for 2024 with the many shows and festivals that will certainly be taking place late this year. There is no need to wait until December when you canstart planing now. Until the next one dear friend!

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