• We Are Excited About THIS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    We Are Excited About THIS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 04, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    We Are Excited About THIS at the Festival of the Arts 2024

    EPCOT’s International Festival of the Arts is right around the corner, almost a week away to be precise, and we cannot contain our excitement to attend this incredible event at one of our favorite parks of all Disney World. However, there is a particular food station that robbed our hearts last year, and that has us anticipating its return to see what new delicious options it has in store for 2024.

    Where creativity and food meet!

    Festival of the Arts is the best way to indulge in an artsy and fun atmosphere while enjoying the many foodie options that will surely keep your taste buds dancing with joy. There are so many specials that we are hoping to see back, but there is a particular one that has been spinning in our heads for some time now.

    FIGMENT FARTS 2024 EPCOT (2).webp

    Pop Eats is a vanguard and aesthetically pleasant food spot that will surely become one of your top options at this 2024 Festival of the Arts. It can be found at the World Showcase Plaza, and the menu offers simple yet delicious options that will make your art journey much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

    FARTS 2024 EPCOT (3).webp

    Let's take a look at our last year's top picks of the menu

    From exquisite food options to top beverages, this booth is more than ready to make a kick off for this 2024 (we hope so), and why not surprise us with some new additions to the menu? That would be awesome.

    FARTS 2024 BOOTH (1).webp

    Tomatoe soup plus Grilled cheese, yes please! This was one of out top choices from Pop Eats, we can not emphasize enough how crispy this dish actually was, mixed with the freshness of the soup. A mouthwatering explosion was the result! 

    FARTS 2024 EPCOT (2).webp

    And as you know, we cannot resist when it comes to sweet treats, and thankfully this booth didn't dissappointed with its delicious Almond Frangipane Cake. Not only the creative and vibrant presentation stole our hearts, but the yumminess in every bite was out of this world. 

    Farts Food 2024 dessert.webp

    Certainly a masterpiece in its maximus splendur (or is it just my tummy that is craving for a sweet treat right now?), it was seriously good. 

    Will there be changes in 2024?

    We are not sure! At Disney you can never be sure, but we are crossing fingers hoping that, if there are changes, they will surprise us in the best way possible. 

    Contact us and let us take you in the snap of your fingers to this magical festival at one of the best parks of Disney World. If you have any further question, our team will be delighted to help you! We will handle everything so you have the perfect trip.

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