• Some of Our Favorite Backpacks for Disney!

    Some of Our Favorite Backpacks for Disney!

    Gabriela V.

    Created: Jan 04, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Some of Our Favorite Backpacks for Disney!

    Visiting Disney is HARD WORK, especially when it comes to walking and carrying around all the things you consider important. It's crucial to have the perfect backpack so you can make sure your shoulders won't suffer as much as your back... or your pockets when you stop to buy one of those Mickey Ice Creams!

    We decided to start the year thinking about your necessities, so we picked four backpacks under $50 that you can buy and bring to Disney. You can choose the one you prefer by just clicking on the picture and it will redirect you to Amazon! Easy as pie.

    OPTION 1

    Our first option is this pink backpack (available in other colors), designed for a 15.6-inch laptop just in case you were wondering about the size.

    Get it here

    It has 3 compartments and multiple pockets, it’s perfect for keeping your essentials organized, and of course, it will complete your outfit because it’s so pretty and comfortable that your shoulders will thank you later! Also, you can fit a laptop there. The perfect option to install some games and spend 70 minutes in the queue to Peter Pan's Flight while you play Fortnite. Just kidding (or am I not?).

    OPTION 2

    This one works as a carry-on bag when you board your plane as well. It meets airline personal item size requirements and provides a secure way to carry your belongings.

    Get it here

    It comes with anti-theft features and a USB charging port. It’s not only a normal backpack it’s your ally for your next Disney adventure or any other travel!

    OPTION 3

    Get it here

    Another option against theft! It comes with a system designed for travelers. A comfy appearance and multiple compartments are perfect for securing your things and enjoying them at the same time. 

    OPTION 4

    Looking for something bigger? Well, if capacity is what you need, this combination of style and large storage is definitely your pick.

    Get it here

    With a 40L capacity, you have enough space to carry all Disney in one backpack. Just kidding, but yes, you can store as many souvenirs as you want!

    Those were our four options, but remember that the backpack is not just one thing to have in mind before buying, you need to think about the compartments, the anti-theft system, the USB charging spot, how it looks, if it's heavy, and everything else!

    Phew, it's a lot. Same as when you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World. Why not leave that to us? We will take care of your plans and give you the itinerary of your dreams, just send a message! ...yes, we can also select a perfect backpack for you if you wish.

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