• Is a Villains Themed Area Coming to Disney World?

Is a Villains Themed Area Coming to Disney World?

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 12, 2024

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2024

Is a Villains Themed Area Coming to Disney World?

Is Magic Kingdom about to get darker?

It seems like we'll soon have the chance to party alongside Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, and other Disney villains at Magic Kingdom. 

One of the most requested themed lands is finally coming to Walt Disney World. Disney recently hinted at plans for a Villains-themed area just behind Frontierland, near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This new land is set to be the largest park expansion since the launch of Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios back in 2019. 

Just don’t get too excited just yet. Disney hasn't shared many details, but it seems like Maleficent will play a big role, and we can expect new attractions where all the villains come together to challenge Mickey Mouse and take control of Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Under Sea Little Mermaid Entrance.webp

So, what types of rides can we anticipate in a land like this? As mentioned earlier, this area remains cloaked in mystery, with a strong likelihood that it won't materialize for another five years or more. But that doesn't stop us from dreaming! That's where Famvia steps in, ready to sprinkle some Disney Magic by sharing a few attraction ideas for this spooky new land.

Let’s brainstorm.

A Maleficent Roller Coaster

This idea is actually shared by a lot of readers online, be it in theme park forum or Reddit. Imagine yourself boarding a massive Dragon and soaring through this dark, immersive land. 

If done correctly, this could become a high-speed roller coaster akin to Islands of Adventure’s VelociCoaster. Disney World could definitely benefit from more large, steel roller coasters, with only Expedition Everest currently filling that role. However, Expedition Everest doesn’t match the intensity of rides like the VelociCoaster or The Incredible Hulk Coaster.

The question remains: would Disney be willing to introduce a mega-coaster in Magic Kingdom? Historically, Disney tends to prioritize family-friendly attractions, with even Expedition Everest having relatively low height requirements. Additionally, with the recent addition of Tron Lightcycle Run, some may wonder if another roller coaster is necessary in a park already housing Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain. The answer seems straightforward: yep!

C’mon, Disney, gives us a huge coaster that is as imposing as some of our favorite villains.

Disney Magic Kingdom Main Street 2.webp

Ursula takes us for a stroll

Water rides can be very fun, no question about that. We will soon get Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom, so how about a second water ride in an area themed after our favorite villains? Ursula is the perfect pick for a ride with several drops as we explore the dangers of the oceans, surrounded by great white sharks, giant squids and anglerfishes. Sounds too scary for the younglings? Oh-ho-ho, it should be, we are dealing with the villains, after all!

Maybe a ride like this could even take inspiration from Epic Universe? Epic Universe is giving us a water ride mixed with a shooting gallery, and this could fit perfectly in an attraction featuring Ursula. We could be armed with laser guns (well, “harpoons”) as we protect ourselves from several animatronics and then face off against a giant Ursula as the final boss. You get points for hitting specific targets and then compare your score with your friends. Scary and fun, a pretty good combo.

Disney Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Speedway - Copia.webp
How about a Cruella de Vil high speed chase?

A Villain themed show

I think we need more big budget shows at Disney. Those events that you look forward to at the end of the day, much like Fantasmic in Hollywood Studios. Sure, Magic Kingdom has the fireworks and the parades, but how about an amazing show to close out the night?

A Disney Villain based show could only happen once per night and last about thirty minutes. It could show Maleficent and several other villains interacting with digital screens and other actors as they plan on how to capture the park from Mickey Mouse. Maybe each villain has their own plan, and they end up betraying each other and even fighting? It would be awesome to see Hades versus Captain Hook, or Ursula against the Queen of Arts. In the end, the plan fails because no one can reach a consensus and they all want Magic Kingdom for themselves. C’mon, villains, learn to work together!

Disney Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle statue - Copia.webp

A REALLY Villainous Ride

How about a ride as expensive as Rise of the Resistance, with top notch visual effects, amazing twists and turns and a three hour wait time? Every time you are about to enter your vehicle, a cast member tells you that the ride broke down and you need to come back later. Now that’s something Maleficent would approve.

How about you? Do you have any ideas you're excited to share for villain rides at Magic Kingdom? We're eager to hear from you. The possibilities are endless, but there are certainly some concepts that wouldn't quite fit the bill… like a Scar Freefall Ride. Nope, poor Mufasa still gives me nightmares...

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