• Let’s Say Good Things About Rides You Might Dislike!

Let’s Say Good Things About Rides You Might Dislike!

Luiz Alberto H.

Created: Apr 12, 2024

Last Updated: May 10, 2024

Let’s Say Good Things About Rides You Might Dislike!

You can find good things in just about anything! ...Right?

Finding a ride to skip at Walt Disney World is a rare challenge. While some may not suit your taste, like the slow pace of It’s a Small World or the intensity of Mission: Space, there's hardly a truly awful one. Of course that you get the blockbusters like Cosmic Rewind and Flight of Passage, but even old, average rides are awesome to visit once.

Disney Hollywood Studios Rock Roller Coaster.webp

So, let's turn this into a game and highlight the positives of rides that guests might overlook. Yes, we have rides selected from Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. Do I like all of them? Sure. Do I feel mischievous today and want to be a little bit mean? Sure.

We're casting our net across all the theme parks, so let's dive in!

Peter Pan’s Flight

Say good things about it: there is, indeed, a ride after waiting in line for 70 minutes; it teaches young kids (and adults) the virtue of being patient. 

It’s a Small World

Say good things about it: the song is pretty catchy; there is water and we need water to survive.

Disney Magic Kingdom Small World vehicle.webp

Tomorrowland Speedway

Say good things about it: give you good views of Tron Lightcycle Run; it teaches young kids about how bad Co2 can smell and *cough* how *cough* important oxygen is *cough*.

Mission: Space

Say good things about it: you can test the limits of your heart and see if it's functioning properly; if you survive this ride then you are (probably) good to go on any roller coaster in the world.


Say good things about it: it smells good.

Disney Epcot the land soarin.jpg

The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Say good things about it: the title doesn’t lie, you do see Nemo and his friends; it might make your toddlers sleep rather fast.


Say good things about it: it teaches us that huge meteors are bad for planet Earth; it reminds you about that movie that Disney released decades ago and most people forgot about.

Animal Kingdom Dinosaur 2.webp

Na’vi River Journey

Say good things about it: the animatronics are really well made; of all the rides in Animal Kingdom, Na’vi River Journey definitely is one of them.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Say good things about it: it’s a very thrilling and unpredictable ride, you never know when a rhino or a hippo is going to charge you; there are lions. Somewhere. Probably sleeping. On the horizon. Behind a tree.

Star Tours

Say good things about it: it’s a classic ride; you can listen to the amazing music by John Williams; there is no Jar Jar Binks in any of the 50 movies.

Disney Hollywood Studios Slinky Dog Dash 3.webp

Slinky Dog Dash

Say good things about it: sometimes the wait times are only 2 hours instead of 3; it makes guests come here so Tower of Terror doesn’t get too packed (actually, it gets packed either way).

Rock N’ Roller Coaster

Say good things about it: it’s not a myth, this ride really exists, some guests even claim it operates during eclipses and the passage of Halley's Comet.

nemo and friends ride Disney Epcot (3).webp

Honestly… every ride is pretty fun

What about you, do you have a ride at Disney World that isn't your favorite but still has something cool about it? Share your thoughts with us by sending a message. We're eager to hear from you! Until next time!

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