• Our Favorite Moments From 2023 at Disney World

    Our Favorite Moments From 2023 at Disney World

    Jennifer Alejandra M.

    Created: Jan 03, 2024

    Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024

    Our Favorite Moments From 2023 at Disney World

    Walt Disney World already has a full schedule prepared to surprise fans in 2024, which include new rides, shows and most surely unexpected changes that we may be witnessing from now on until December.

    However, we love to dearly remember the great memories that were made in the past, specifically in our beloved Disney parks. So, check out with us our favorite moments that made our 2023 a time to remember as we embraced Disney's magic.

    What special moment come to mind?

    When doing this, we feel like scrolling through a camera roll and remembering experiences that we thought were in The Memory Dump, but no, they are the shiny yellow spheres that give you a happy feeling when they are projected in our minds. It's just so wonderful.

    Princess Disney.webp

    So, we will divide most special memories into theme parks, because we had so much fun in all of them, it wouldn't be fair to let one of them out!

    Animal Kingdom

    When Animal Kingdom gave a warm welcome to Ms.Strudel and the kiddos (the Lesser Madagascar Hedgehog Tenrec), and also Corra, the African elephant, that expanded the beautiful family. It melts our hearts just to remember this wonderful news.

    discovery island animal kingdom (5).webp


    Where do we start with EPCOT? Think of your favorite moments and let’s see if they match ours!

    China epcot world showcase Disney.webp
    • The brand-new statue “Walt, The Dreamer”
    • The many festivals that took place last year, specifically the Festival of the Arts, we loved it!
    • The delicious food discovered at Festival of the Holidays, our foodie side got the best of us
    • The lighting that was displayed on the Spaceship Earth was a visual delight
    • The many advances that we saw in the park multi-year transformation, and so much more!

    We have to admit, this is one of our favorite parks of all, but... shhh, it's our little secret ok?

    Japan epcot world showcase Disney.webp

    Magic Kingdom

    • Tianas’s Bayou Adventure is getting shape and it has shown a lot of advances this last year, we are so thrilled about it.
    • Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort the new cabins announced for summer 2024 look amazing!
    • Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party was certainly more fun than scary, and we love Disney for that. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of super-scary shows, sorry!
    wilderness resort lodge disney  (4).webp

    There were hundreds of memories that we are still going through, but those are the few that stood out the most for us. For you, which memories were your favorites in 2023? 

    Contact us and let us know if you share some of our thoughts! You can also send a message if you want to create new memories, and set up a brand new trip to Disney in 2024. We can help with that.

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